Total Plastics, Inc. Datasheets for Bumpers

Bumpers are elastomeric hardware devices used for edge protection, cushioning, and impact absorption.
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Product Name Notes
NELPLAS™ Chair Rails CHAIR RAIL 125 Simple design element with economical construction to meet special wall protection needs. Best suited for lighter-impact areas.
Bumpers - Conical - BS-37
Bumpers - Conical - BS-47
Bumpers - Conical - BS-57
Clear, Black, White, Brown and Grey Cone shaped profiles have a rounded point at the tip. They are our tallest bumpers available for applications that require extra height.
Bumpers - Special Soft - BS-01SD
Bumpers - Special Soft - BS-02SD
Bumpers - Special Soft - BS-07SD
Bumpers - Special Soft - BS-12SD
Bumpers - Special Soft - BS-22SD
Bumpers - Special Soft - BS-27SD
Bumpers - Special Soft - BS-33SD
Bumpers - Special Soft - BS-34SD
Bumpers - Special Soft - BS-58SD
Clear, Black, White, Brown and Grey Our Soft Durometer (SD) Bumpers have been specifically engineered to provide the quietest closure available for any cabinet door, drawer, or enclosure. The Soft...
Bumpers - Recessed - BS-17
Bumpers - Recessed - BS-18
Bumpers - Recessed - BS-30
Clear, Black, White, Brown and Grey Recessed Bumpers have a hole half way through the center. The profile is adhesive backed; the use of a screw, nail, or staple may...
Bumpers - Square - BS-03
Bumpers - Square - BS-04
Bumpers - Square - BS-19
Bumpers - Square - BS-20
Bumpers - Square - BS-32
Bumpers - Square - BS-36
Clear, Black, White, Brown and Grey The tapered square Bumpers consist of the largest surface contact area of any of our products.
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-02
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-07
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-08
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-10
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-12
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-15
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-22
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-25
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-27
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-39
Bumpers - Hemispherical - BS-40
Clear, Black, White, Brown and Grey These parts are rounded on top and have a dome shape that absorbs impact and are ideal to prevent skidding. This category includes our...
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-01
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-05
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-06
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-11
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-24
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-34
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-35
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-41
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-44
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-45
Bumpers - Cylindrical - BS-72
Clear, Black, White, Brown and Grey These profiles are circular Bumpers with flat tops. The design utilizes the flat contact area for many varied applications; also, can be used in...
Bumpers - Square - BS-29 The tapered square Bumpers consist of the largest surface contact area of any of our products.
NELPLAS™ Door & Frame Protection There are 4 types of NELPLAS ™ Door & Frame Protectors available:
NELPLAS™ Bumper Guards Total Plastics offers a variety of NELPLAS™ bumper guards including: BUMPER GUARD 300 Full-length vinyl cover with an economical PVC retainer; best suited for lighter-impact areas. BUMPER GUARD 400 Versatile...
NELPLAS™ Crash Rails Total Plastics offers the following NELPLAS™ Crash Rails: CRASH RAIL 470 Wall protection with a simple design element and a variety of mounting options to meet every impact need. •
NELPLAS™ Handrails Total Plastics offers the following NELPLAS™ Handrails: HANDRAIL 200 5-1/2” handrail with thumb grip. • End returns available as either rigid plastic or exclusive foam cushion. • Black reveals are...
NELPLAS™ Corner Guards With a continuous aluminum retainer and a formidable vinyl cover, NELPLAS ™ surface-mounted corner guards end the unsightly damage of peeling, gouged, and battered corners. Depending on performance needs, corner...