Data Device Corporation (DDC) Datasheets for DC Motor Drives

DC motor drives act as the interface and power supply between a motion controller and a DC motor.
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Product Name Notes
Radiation Tolerant Smart Power 3-Phase Motor Drive (PWR) -- PW-82336 PW-82336 Radiation Tolerant Smart Power 3-Phase Motor Drive (PWR) The PW-82336 is a 3-phase Motor Drive hybrid that utilizes a rad-tolerant MOSFET output stage with 100 VDC rating to deliver...
200V/500V, 30A H-Bridge Drive (PWR) -- PWR-82340
200V/500V, 30A H-Bridge Drive (PWR) -- PWR-82342
High power H-Bridge brush-motor drive with internal drive circuitry. (PWR-82340)200 V (drain/source) breakdown voltage,(PWR-82342)500 V (drain/source) breakdown voltage, and 30 Amps continuous/50 Amps peak motor current.
100V, 5A H-bridge Drive (PWR) -- PWR-82341 Low power H-bridge brush-motor drive with charge pump. 100 V (drain/source) breakdown voltage, 5 Amps continuous/10 Amps peak motor current.
3-Phase Motor Drive (PWR) -- PWR-82332
3-Phase Motor Drive (PWR) -- PWR-82332
SPACE-Rated, 3-phase, 19 A, 400 V, radiation-tolerant motor drive with internal power supply (NASA SSQ-22691).
3-Phase Motor Drive (PWR) -- PWR-82335 The PWR-82335 is a compact high power 3-Phase Bridge Drive designed to precisely deliver current to windings of 3-Phase Brushless DC Motors, with a high-efficiency, low-on resistance (Rds (on)) MOSFET...