Data Device Corporation (DDC) Datasheets for Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) Chips

Digital-to-analog converter (DAC) chips convert digital signals that represent binary numbers into proportional analog voltages.
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Product Name Notes
16 Bit High Frequency Hybrid Digital-to-Resolver Converter. Operational Up to 10 khz. 2 Vrms, 6.81 Vrms, 11.8 V L-L, or Scalable Resolver Outputs.2mA rms Output. 16-Bit Resolution. 8-Bit/2-Byte Double Buffered...
16 Bit Pin Programmable Digital-to-Synchro or Digital-to-Resolver Converter. 0.05% Scale Factor Variation with Angle. DC-Coupled Reference Accepts any Waveform.Generates SIN/COS DC or Rotating PPI Sweep. High-Rel CMOS D/R Chip.8-Bit/2-Byte Double...
Digital-to-Sin/Cos Converter. High power hybrid D/R with µP compatible latched input. AC or DC power supplies. BIT output.
Digital-to-Synchro Converter. Powered from reference, metal heat sink cover, all internal transformers. Transient protected and thermal cutoff.
Digital-to-Synchro or Digital-to-Resolver Converter. Low profile, industry standard pinouts. Metal heat sink cover, current limited and transient protected. Internal transformers for 400Hz. Low scale factor variation.
Digital-to-Synchro-H ybrid Converter. High power hybrid D/S with µP compatible latched input. AC or DC supplies. Bit output. Can be used for driving CT, CDX, and TR loads. Resolution: 16...
The DSC-11524 is a versatile multiplying Digital-to-Synchro/R esolver converter. The digital input represents an angle, and the output is pin programmable for either Resolver, SIN/COS, or three-line synchro type output.
Two Channel Digital-to-Resolver Converter. High Reliability CMOS D/R Chip. 8-Bit/2-Byte Double Buffered Transparent Latches.