KEYENCE Datasheets for Dimensional and Profile Scanners

Dimensional and profile scanners gather two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) information about an object.
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Product Name Notes
Ultra-High Speed In-line Profilometer -- LJ-V series Blue Laser Optical System The use of a blue laser enables ultra-stable and highly accurate measurements. Able to measure on black surfaces or inclines with low reflectance as well as...
Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine -- XM Series Experience a new style of coordinate measurement — simply touch the target with the probe while following the interactive visual guide on the screen. The XM Series provides intuitive 3D...
High-accuracy 2D Laser Displacement Sensor -- LJ-G series
Surface Scanning Laser Confocal Displacement Meter -- LT-9000 series
The LJ-G Series accurately measures the surface profile of targets in X and Z directions. The height, width or gap on a surface profile can be measured using 28 measurement...
Image Dimension Measuring System, General-purpose Model -- IM-6015/602
Image Dimension Measuring System, High-precision Model -- IM-6145
Image Dimension Measuring System, Wide-field + Adjustable Illumination Model -- IM-6225
Image Dimension Measuring System, Wide-field Model -- IM-6125
With optical comparators and measuring microscopes, an operator moves the XY stage, obtains the coordinates of the measurement point, and measures dimensions based on the travel range. Since the stage...