KEYENCE Datasheets for CCD Cameras

CCD (couple-charged device) cameras are a type of image capture device that utilize an image sensor to register visible light as a recordable electronic signal to visually archive captured stills and video. Of the three types of digital cameras (the others being CMOS and CID), CCD cameras are the most developed and commonly used.
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Product Name Notes
CV-035C - Standard resolution color camera
CV-035M - Standard resolution monochrome camera
CV-200C Digital 2-million-pixel Color Camera
CV-200M Digital 2-million-pixel Black-and-white Camera
CV-H035C High-speed Digital Color Camera
CV-H035M High-speed Digital Black-and-white Camera
CV-H200C High-speed Digital 2-million-pixel Color Camera
CV-H200M High-speed Digital 2-million-pixel Black-and-white Camera
CV-H500C High-speed Digital 5-million-pixel Color Camera
CV-H500M High-speed Digital 5-million-pixel Black-and-white Camera
CV-S035CH (CV-S035C) Ultra Small Digital Double-speed Color Camera (Camera Section)
CV-S035MH (CV-S035M) Ultra Small Digital Double-speed Black-and-white Camera (Camera Section)
CV-S200CH (CV-S200C) Small Digital 2-million-pixel Color Camera (Camera Section)
CV-S200MH (CV-S200M) Small Digital 2-million-pixel Black-and-white Camera (Camera Section)
Intuitive interface allows users of all levels to easily set up a robust inspection Auto-Teach Inspection Intuitive Programming Interface Point and Click Geometric Measurement Auto-Generate Manual Full vision toolset (including...
The XG Series offers programming directly with the controller or advanced programming using the optional Vision Editor development software. Flexible Hardware Fully Customizable Flow Chart Programming Powerful Toolset Script Based...
XG-HL02M - 8-speed 2048-pixel Line Scan Camera8-speed 2048-pixel Line Scan Camera
XG-HL04M 16-speed 4096-pixel Line Scan Camera
XG-HL08M 16-speed 8192-pixel Line Scan Camera