Invotec Solutions Ltd. Datasheets for Pliers

Pliers (plyers) are handheld, manually-powered hand tools, often employing serrated jaws, designed for holding, cutting, bending, or manipulation of tough or difficult materials such as wire, sheet metal, or fine machine components.
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Product Name Notes
Special ergonomically designed handles offer excellent grip for high repetitive applications. RIGHT HAND only. Can handle 5mm sprues and over Length: 150mm Dimensions are approximate
These heavy duty pliers offer more force for larger or more brittle sprues. Comfortable handle for a strong grip. Length: 190mm Blade length: 25mm Blade open: 25mm Dimensions are approximate...
These lightweight small pliers are small in weight (approx. 62 g) but tough on cutting sprues up to 6mm. Ideal for the smaller hand. Length: 115mm Blade length: 13mm Blade...
These popular pliers offers good balance to help reduce operator fatigue Ideal for small to medium parts. Length: 150mm Blade length: 21mm Blade open: 17mm Dimensions are approximate