Invotec Solutions Ltd. Datasheets for Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers accept inputs from temperature sensors or thermometers, and then output a control signal to keep the temperature at the desired level.
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Product Name Notes
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-DU-RMA
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-DU-RMB
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMA-04
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMA-05
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMA-06
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMA-07
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMA-08
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMA-09
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMA-10
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMA-11
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMA-12
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-04
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-05
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-06
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-07
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-08
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-09
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-10
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-11
Athena G Series Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-12
Our most popular everyday workhorse: The RMA hot runner controller Microprocessor-based self-tuning temperature controllers, from basic units to sophisticated modules featuring Modbus® communications. With a choice of simple to use...
Athena DOUBLE Zone Controller -- W-AT-SYS-RMT-02
Athena DOUBLE Zone Controller -- W-AT-SYS-RMT-04
Athena DOUBLE Zone Controller -- W-AT-SYS-RMT-06
Athena DOUBLE Zone Controller -- W-AT-SYS-RMT-10
Athena DOUBLE Zone Controller -- W-AT-SYS-RMT-16
Athena DOUBLE Zone Controller -- W-AT-SYS-RMT-24
The New RMT doubles the zone count ...but not the price The RMT effectively offers you the control of 2 RMA units in one control module with each module sharing...
Athena All In One Hot Runner Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-06-S
Athena All In One Hot Runner Controllers -- W-AT-SYS-RMB-12-S
NEW PRODUCT - Athena’s new RMB/6 Non-Modular Hot Runner control system offers 6 or 12 zones of microprocessor based control. The system delivers more functionality with a full featured easy...
Single Zone Controllers -- W-AT-M-IMP-P-10B-E
Single Zone Controllers -- W-AT-M-RMC-P-10B-E
The industries favourite single zone controllers 10A The Athena single zone controllers uses the same microprocessor-based circuitry used in the IMP or RMC modules to perform all required control functions.
IMP Modules -- W-AT-M-IMP-E-15
IMP Modules -- W-AT-M-IMP-E-30
The new improved IMP - Add more value and simplicity Athena’s new and improved Series IMP modular hot runner controller continues to provide injection molders with new and highly productive...
RMT Modules -- W-AT-M-RMT-E-15 The New RMT doubles the zone count ...but not the price The NEW Athena Series RMT is a microprocessor-based, dual-zone temperature controller specifically designed for runnerless moulding applications effectively doubling...
RMA Modules -- W-AT-M-RMA-E-15 The RMA hot runner controller....Our most popular everyday workhorse The New Athena Series RMA is a microprocessor-based, single-zone temperature controller specifically designed for runnerless moulding applications. It features an easy-to-use...
RMB Modules -- W-AT-M-RMB-E-15
RMB Modules -- W-AT-M-RMB-E-30
The RMB module - Add infinite temperature PID control The Athena Series RMB, part of the new Series RM family, is a micro- processor-based, single-zone temperature controller specifically designed...