Invotec Solutions Ltd. Datasheets for Industrial Hose

Industrial hose covers the broad spectrum of fluid transfer lines. Hose is usually flexible, often reinforced, and available in a wide range of material compositions to cover various hydraulic and pneumatic industrial applications.
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Product Name Notes
PVC braided water hose -- W-WH-PV-P06T
PVC braided water hose -- W-WH-PV-P10T
PVC braided water hose -- W-WH-PV-P12T
PVC braided water hose -- W-WH-PV-P16T
PVC braided water hose -- W-WH-PV-P19T
Standard PVC re-enforced water Hose rated to 60 degree High quality PVC re-enforced water clear hose clear Rated at 60°C and pressures up to 15Bar. Temperature to 60 degree C...
Translucent PVC Re-enforced Water Hose -- W-WH-NY-TFP10B
Translucent PVC Re-enforced Water Hose -- W-WH-NY-TFP10R
Translucent PVC Re-enforced Water Hose -- W-WH-NY-TFP13B
Translucent PVC Re-enforced Water Hose -- W-WH-NY-TFP13R
Superior quality 'Translucent' PVC re-enforced water Hose to 15 Bar pressure Clear view of watter flow. A top quality pvc re-enforced water hose that is available in translucent colours aiding...
EPDM Rubber Water Hose -- W-WH-EP-TFW10B
EPDM Rubber Water Hose -- W-WH-EP-TFW10R
EPDM Rubber Water Hose -- W-WH-EP-TFW10S
EPDM Rubber Water Hose -- W-WH-EP-TFW13B
EPDM Rubber Water Hose -- W-WH-EP-TFW13R
EPDM Rubber Water Hose -- W-WH-EP-TFW13S
EPDM Rubber Water Hose -- W-WH-EP-TFW19S
An advanced EPDM rubber hose to 140°C temperature rating Manuftaured from White, antistatic, smooth EPM Nitrosamine free rubber compound, resistant to heat, hot water, water Vapour and reinforcement of synthetic...