Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc. Datasheets for Continuity Testers

Continuity testers are electrical test instruments that are used to determine if an electrical circuit exists between two points.
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Product Name Notes
Multifunction Tester -- 4153 IN
Multifunction Tester -- 4154 MF
Multifunction Tester -- 4155 MF
Multifunction Tester -- 4158 MF
Multifunction Tester -- 4159 MF
A new generation of Modern Digital MultiFunction Testers is born. These Testers have a range of new features not even found in Expensive Advanced Tes t Equipments. They are models...
Multifunction Tester -- 4175 TMF Auto-Rang microprocessor controlled. Telecommunication test voltage : 50V and 100V. Large range of insulation test voltages : 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 1000V. Mov/protection devices test. Gas Arrester function. Automatic...
Multifunction Tester -- 1151IN
Multifunction Tester -- 1152MF
Multifunction Tester -- 1154TMF
Multifunction Tester -- 1155TMF
Auto-Range microprocessor controlled. Automatic voltage AC/DC at Start/Reset. Auto-off. Battery test. Battery test at Switch ON/Reset. Safety voltmeter before each test. Auto-Discharge on all test and all ranges. Leads Auto-Null...
Multifunction Tester -- 2788 MF Auto-Range microprocessor controlled. Insulation test voltages : 250, 500, 1000V. Ω Mov/protection devices test. Gas Arrester function. Automatic voltmeter AC/DC at Start/Reset. Test ON-OFF. Battery test. Safety voltmeter before each...