Aervoe Industries Incorporated Datasheets for Marking Materials

Marking materials include inks, coatings, laser marking materials, tapes, and other supplies used to identify industrial parts, products, materials and packaging.
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Product Name Notes
All Purpose Fluorescent Marking Paint -- 1390
All Purpose Marking Paint -- 1380
Cost-effective, provides good visibility in the two-month range
Striping Paint -- 710 Durable, long-lasting, high-visibility colors
Fluorescent Survey Marking Paint -- 220
Fluorescent Survey Marking Paint -- 220G
Regular Survey Marking Paint -- 201
Survey Marking Paint -- 201G
Excellent color visibility/retention and durability
Color Coding Enamel -- 1301 Excellent low cost choice for surfaces not requiring a premium coating
Fluorescent Tree Marking Paint -- 690
Fluorescent Tree Marking Paint -- 690G
Fluorescent Tree Marking Paint -- 690Q
Tree Marking Paint -- 610
Tree Marking Paint -- 610G
Tree Marking Paint -- 610Q
Fast drying, excellent for horizontal numbering, lettering, or writing
Primer Paint -- 135 Fast drying, tough, provides adhesion to non-painted surfaces
Stencil Inks -- 2801 Fast-drying, highly opaque, won't smear or smudge meets MIL-A-A-208A
Fugitive Marker -- 1420 Good initial visibility, mark lasts up to 35 days depending on UV exposure
Construction Marking Paint -- 251
Fluorescent Construction Marking Paint -- 246
High quality, priced competitively, good color visibility and durability
Supreme Striping Paint -- 701 Highest pigment, solids-to-weight ratio attainable with today's technology
Mine Marking Paint -- 195 Highly pigmented, durable paint designed specifically for overhead marking
Water-Based Striping Paint -- 790
Water-Based Striping Paint -- 790G
Ideal for grass and turf surfaces, will not crack tennis court sealant
Turf Marking Paint -- 290
Turf Marking Paint -- 290G
Mark lasts up to 2 months, will not damage or burn grass roots
Marking Ink -- 7080 Quick drying, no smears or smudging, outstanding adhesion
DTM Rust Proof Paint -- 300G
Rust Proof Paint -- 3000
Resistant to mild and moderate environments, will not chip or peel
Spray Chalk -- 214 Safe on all surfaces, designed specifically for temporary marking
Wet Coat Tree Marking Paint -- 694 Specially formulated for use in wet and/or during rainy conditions
Fluorescent Invert-A-Cap® -- 270
Invert-A-Cap® -- 261
Ultimate writing tool in inverted marking, best positive delivery cut-off
Industrial Paint Pen -- 1221 Valve-action medium point felt tips, air tight cap included