Aervoe Industries Incorporated Datasheets for Metalworking Lubricants, Coolants, and Fluids

Metalworking lubricants, coolants and fluids are specialized coatings and carriers for metal forming, metal cutting, lapping, polishing, and grinding applications.
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Product Name Notes
Cutting Oil Light Oil -- 7020
Cutting Oil Light Oil -- 7020G
All purpose, solvent-based, reduces wear, for soft or hard metals
Anti-seize Compound -- 9105 Black film for stud assemblies, flange bolts, cylinder heads, manhole lugs
Anti-seize Copper -- 9120
Anti-seize Copper -- 9122
Anti-seize Copper -- 9123
Anti-seize Nickel -- 9130
Anti-seize Nickel -- 9132
Durable, long-lasting film, eliminates part wear and breakage, won't harden
Buttercutt® Cutting/Tapping Comp -- 5040
Buttercutt® Cutting/Tapping Comp -- 5041
High temperature and pressure, no etch or staining, all natural ingredients
Tap Tool -- 9106 Inc. tool life up to 200%, reduces breakage & friction, carries heat away
Anti-spatter -- 887 Light yellow, tacky film, eliminates grinding and chiseling, easy to clean