Aervoe Industries Incorporated Datasheets for Aerosol Cleaners and Contact Cleaners

Aerosol cleaners and contact cleaners are dispensed as a fine-droplet spray. Contact cleaners are used widely in the mission-critical cleaning of electronic, electrical, and fiber optic connectors.
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Product Name Notes
Cleaner and Degreaser -- 400
Cleaner and Degreaser GPT -- G400
Dielectric strength of 30kV/mm, non-corrosive, no CFCs, or HCFCs
Cleaner and Degreaser -- 399
Cleaner and Degreaser GPT -- G399
Dielectric strength of 33kV/mm, non-corrosive, USDA K-1, no CFCs, or HCFCs
Carb & Choke Cleaner -- 590
Carb and Choke Cleaner -- G590
Eliminates rough idling, stalling, engine run-on, and starting hesitation
Toolmaker's Ink Remover -- 6095 Fast acting, dissolves layout fluids without leaving a residue
Electronic Component Cleaner -- 8377
Off Line Contact Cleaner -- 8276
Fast-evaporating, use on relays, switches, contacts, circuit breakers
Mold Cleaner -- 3095
Mold Cleaner -- 3095G
Mold Cleaner GPT -- G3095
For in-place cleaning, removes all deposits, grease, oil and soils
Adhesive Remover -- C8141 Non-chlorinated, citrus based, ideal for adhesive residue or surface prep.
Dustair -- 420
Dustair GPT -- G420
Pure air for delicate components & instruments, includes extension tube
Safety Solvent -- 8060
Safety Solvent GPT -- G8060
Quick drying, non-corrosive, removes fingerprints, oil, metallic particles
Contact Cleaner -- 415
Contact Cleaner GPT -- G415
Quick penetrating action removes grease, oil, dirt, includes extension tube
Brake Cleaner -- 592
Brake Cleaner GPT -- G592
Removes oil, grease, wax, dirt and moisture, includes extension tube
Waterworks Coatings Remover -- 5205 Removes polyurethane, epoxy, lacquer, varnish, alkyds and latex paints
Anti-Vandal Spray -- 5062
Anti-Vandal Spray GPT -- G5062
Removes spray paint, ink, crayon, lipstick and pencil from trucks, buses
Emulsifiable Degreaser -- 7015 Rinse off with water, acts like solvent or waterbased cleaner for machinery
Cleaner/Degreaser -- 5070 USDA C-1, non-butyl, cleans grills, driveways, vinyl, lights, tile, mirrors
Glass and Surface Cleaner -- 860 USDA C-1, streak-free, retards fogging, cuts through greasy residue
All Purpose Cleaner -- 5055 Water and ammonia based cleaner, for granite, wood, tile, chrome
Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser -- 8260 Wipes off without rinsing, no CFCs, HCFCs or chlorinated solvents, USDA C1