Aervoe Industries Incorporated Datasheets for Spray Painting Equipment (Paint Sprayers)

Paint spraying equipment and paint sprayers are used to atomize and propel a concentrated mist of a finish coating onto a surface. This includes the equipment used to directly apply the spray coating, as well as a variety of supporting equipment to optimize the painting process.
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Product Name Notes
Spra-Tool® Jar With Cap -- C8212 Convenient capped plastic jar to mix, use, and store sprayable liquids
Spra-Tool® Kit -- C8209 Disposable spray gun, provides controlled spray pattern for even coverage
Econo Striper -- 798 Economical, high quality performance striper, easy assembly
Vers-A-Striper® -- 801 Equipped with turf wheels to provide crisper lines on all turf surfaces
Marker Stick -- 245 For upside down marking, sturdy, lightweight construction
Vers-A-Striper® -- 800 Ideal for parking lots, warehouse aisles, road surfaces, and more
Spot Marker -- 244 Provides accuracy and control for either upright or upside down marking
Can Handler -- 242 Transform aerosol cans into spray guns, eliminate finger fatigue