Aervoe Industries Incorporated Datasheets for Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are thin films deposited upon materials to add or enhance desired properties, such as color, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc.
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Product Name Notes
93% Zinc-rich coating bonds to iron and steel, USDA Category 21 acceptable
Class B epoxy ester, dielectric strength 1200V/mil wet, 2100V/mil dry
Contains 100% 316L stainless steel pigment, does not contain lead
Covers and seals with a lustrous smooth finish to provide superior gloss
Designed specifically for use on metal surfaces subject to extreme heat
Easy to remove, absorbs moisture, neutralizes acid
Exact match to OEM standards for farm, vehicle, lawn and garden equipment
Excellent low cost choice for surfaces not requiring a premium coating
Fast drying paint blends away stains and water damage
Fast drying, lead free, 100% non-toxic when dry
Fast drying, tough, provides adhesion to non-painted surfaces
Flexible, long-lasting coating, can be used to coat electrical components
Ideal for most paint and touch up projects, fast drying, economical
Maintains superior gloss/color retention under exposure to harsh conditions
Meets MIL-C_16173E, Grade 4, easily removed, penetrates cracks, non-sticky
Meets MIL-P-46105, DOD-P-21035A, stops rust and corrosion on iron & steel
Neutralizes static electricity, inhibits airborne dust accumulation
Prevents belt slippage & glazing, inc. pulling power, reduces squeaks
Prevents rust and stains when applied to rebar before setting in concrete
Prolongs battery life, won't crack, chip, or peel, dries quickly
Provides a protective coating that easily peels off, no solvents required
Provides maximum visibility and safety, increases visibility up to 4 times
Quick-drying, asphalt-based material, forms a smooth, even, protective film
Quick-drying, rubberized film, deadens sound, resists vibration
Rapid dry time, durable finish meet the demands of steel fabrication shops
Resistant to mild and moderate environments, will not chip or peel
Seals and protects construction chalk lines and other temporary marks
Seals both porous and non-porous surfaces, fast drying
Specially made for refinishing engines and transmissions
Stops rust and corrosion on iron & steel surfaces, easy to use, zinc-rich
Stops rust and corrosion on iron & steel, can be primer or top coat
Stops rust and corrosion on iron & steel, zinc fuses to metal substrates
Tough coating, protects & insulates exposed wires & electrical windings
Translucent waxy film that protects against dust, grime, and moisture