Aervoe Industries Incorporated Datasheets for Rust and Corrosion Inhibiting Fluids

Rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors are lubricants, greases, oils or fluid additives that form a protective film or barrier to prevent corrosion or rust formation.
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Product Name Notes
Rust Inhibitor -- 6007
Rust Inhibitor -- 6007G
Absorbs moisture, neutralizes acid formed by corrosive atmosphere
Lithium Grease -- 7037 All-weather, use on exotic metals, plastics & rubber, with extension tube
Performance Blend Rust-Solv™ -- 950 Deep penetrating fluid, high-solvency, works on all forms of oxides
Penetrating Oil -- 6030
Penetrating Oil -- 6030G
Penetrating Oil GPT -- G6030
Displaces moisture, formulated with low surface tension
All-4 -- 7340
All-4 -- 7340G
Displaces moisture, no residue, fills tiny irregularities on surfaces
Anti-seize Copper -- 9120
Anti-seize Copper -- 9122
Anti-seize Copper -- 9123
Anti-seize Food -- 9152
Anti-seize Nickel -- 9130
Anti-seize Nickel -- 9132
Durable, long-lasting film, eliminates part wear and breakage, won't harden
Foaming Moly Chain Lube -- 929 Fortified with Paratac, won't wash away or rub off, reduces wear
Lube EZE™ -- 931
Lube EZE™ -- 931G
Lube EZE™ GPT -- G931
Multipurpose, displaces moisture, safe on electrical equipment, no residue
APC-962 H. D. Multipurpose Lube -- 962G Multipurpose, reduces wear, won't harm paint, rubber, most plastics
APC-962 H. D. Multipurpose Lube -- 962 Non-drying, displaces moisture, won't harm paint, rubber and most plastics
Slix-it -- 8035
Slix-it -- 8035G
Non-staining, waterproofs, ideal for drawers, hinges and conveyor guides
APC-961 Grease Free Lube/Film -- 961G Penetrates into tight crevices, resists oil, dust and dirt buildup
APC-961 Grease Free Lube/Film -- 961 Penetrates tight crevices, resists oil, dust, and dirt buildup
APC-963 H.D. Corrosion Inhibitor -- 963G Penetrates to remove moisture, safe for fabric, paint, rubber, and plastics
Dry Moly Lubricant -- 6080 Quick dry, pressures up to 100,000 psi, for assembly & break in lubricating
APC-963 H.D. Corrosion Inhibitor -- 963 Removes moisture, safe on fabric, paint, rubber, and plastics
Moly Grease -- 7041 Water & rust proofs while under heavy stress & vibration, prevents seizing
H. D. Open Gear & Wire Rope Lube -- 7045 Won't be brittle, not affected by weather, outstanding adhesion properties