Materion Corporation Datasheets for Titanium and Titanium Alloys

Titanium and titanium alloys are non-ferrous metals with excellent corrosion resistance, fatigue properties, and a high strength-to-weight ratios.
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Product Name Notes
5500 Series -- WL-5500
5500 Series -- WT-5503
Pre-melted pieces, sized to your specifications
Engineered Materials -- Pure Metals Pure Metals Aluminum, Al Neodymium, Nd Antimony, Sb Nickel, Ni Beryllium, Be Niobium, Nb Bismuth, Bi Osmium, Os Boron, B Palladium, Pd Cadmium, Cd Platinum, Pt Calcium, Ca Praseodymium, Pr...
5000 Series -- WL-5000
5000 Series -- WT-5003
Pre-melted evaporation cones and discs Standard Temescal/Telemark sizes or custom sized to fit your pocket or crucible. Rods for continuous processes