Daburn Electronics & Cable Datasheets for Coiled Cords and Cables

Coiled cords and cables have a spring-like form that allows them to stretch and bend with minimal stress on the wire. They can be extended to a length several times greater than their at-rest length, but return to their original length when released.
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Product Name Notes
Coiled kinkless test lead wire stretches 5:1. 12" stretches to approximately 5 feet; 24" stretches to approximately 10 feet. 12" has 12" tangents; 24" has 6" tangents.
Cords are #28 AWG. stranded soft tinned copper, color coded. Where shielded-aluminum polyester foil shield overall, with stranded TC drain wire and black plastic jacket.
For portable use, Mobile and office equipment, Cords are Neoprene jacketed with molded male plug on one end. The other end has jacket removed and conductors stripped.
Multi-conductor stranded extra flexible #23 AWG 21/36 tinned soft copper for long flex life. "Danyon" plastic jacket overall. 120 volt working, current carrying capacity 1 amp. Nominal conductor resistance .022...
Multi-Conductor stranded extra flexible #23 AWG 21/36 tinned soft copper for long life. Neoprene or TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) jacketed cable, 300 volt max. working. Current carrying capacity 1 amp.
Shielded communication cords 23 AWG 21/36 soft tinned copper with min. 85% spiral T. C. shield coverage. Black "Danyon" Plastic jacket overall. Six inch tangents on 2, 3, & 4...
Single and Multi-conductor, color coded, Shielded mike Cables. TPE or Neoprene jacketed. Shield can be pigtailed for soldering.
Single and Multi-conductor. Shielded mike cables. Conductors are color coded. "Danyon" plastic jacketed; shielded conductors are individually shielded to 90% coverage, and shield can be pigtailed for soldering.
These retractile power cords are UL & CSA listed & are made from soft drawn BC conductors. Both the inner conductors and the Neoprene-like Thermoset Rubber jacket are rugged, oil...