Daburn Electronics & Cable Datasheets for Electrical Insulators

Electrical insulators, high voltage bushings and porcelain insulator assemblies provide electrical isolation of power line conductors in transmission and distribution (T & D), substation, transformer, capacitor and power protection applications.
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Product Name Notes
Antenna Insulator - Glazed White porcelain.
Feedthrus are supplied with tops and bottoms for chassis, panel, shields, rack mounting. No hardware included. Made of L5 glazed Steatite.
Made of hi tensile strength, low absorption ceramic, fully glazed corrugated surface. Provides longer leakage path. Drawn metal bases.
Made of highly vitrified- low absorption- hi tensile strength porcelain, with white glaze overall.
Porcelain glazed to prevent moisture absorption. All have long leakage path - small cross section strength under continuous tension.
Sections are each 2 3/4" high hi vitrified porcelain glazed. Comes thru with 2 additional bushings 1/4" and 1/2" long, permitting complete insulation of the threaded rod of any length...
Steatite cones have smooth white glaze. Comes complete with brass nickel plated screws and cushion washers.
Suitable for buss and heavy lines insulation. Beads follow bends and curves because of ball and socket style interlocks
Suitable for mobile and aircraft or guy wire application. Compression type strain insulators. Nos. 10-73, 10-74 made of white glazed low absorption porcelain. No. 10-72 made of wet process porcelain.
These are quality porcelain insulators smoothy glazed. Heavy nickel plated brass hardware used. Cushion washers supplied.
These numbers have twice the leakage path of the straight type due to the increased surface area. Brass nickel plated hardware and cushion washers supplied.