Daburn Electronics & Cable Datasheets for Electrical Insulators

Electrical insulators, high voltage bushings and porcelain insulator assemblies provide electrical isolation of power line conductors in transmission and distribution (T & D), substation, transformer, capacitor and power protection applications.
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Product Name Notes
Antenna Insulator -- 10-06 Antenna Insulator - Glazed White porcelain.
Steatite Feed-Thru Insulators -- 10-205
Steatite Feed-Thru Insulators -- 10-206
Steatite Feed-Thru Insulators -- 10-208A
Steatite Feed-Thru Insulators -- 10-209
Feedthrus are supplied with tops and bottoms for chassis, panel, shields, rack mounting. No hardware included. Made of L5 glazed Steatite.
Metal Base Standoff Insulators -- 10-176
Metal Base Standoff Insulators -- 10-451
Metal Base Standoff Insulators -- 10-67
Made of hi tensile strength, low absorption ceramic, fully glazed corrugated surface. Provides longer leakage path. Drawn metal bases.
Feeder Spreader Insulators -- 10-62
Feeder Spreader Insulators -- 10-64
Feeder Spreader Insulators -- 10-65
Made of highly vitrified- low absorption- hi tensile strength porcelain, with white glaze overall.
Antenna Strain Insulators -- 10-68
Antenna Strain Insulators -- 10-69
Antenna Strain Insulators -- 10-70
Antenna Strain Insulators -- 10-71
Porcelain glazed to prevent moisture absorption. All have long leakage path - small cross section strength under continuous tension.
Leadin Insulators -- 10-237 Sections are each 2 3/4" high hi vitrified porcelain glazed. Comes thru with 2 additional bushings 1/4" and 1/2" long, permitting complete insulation of the threaded rod of any length...
Steatite Cone Standoff Insulators -- 10-30
Steatite Cone Standoff Insulators -- 10-31
Steatite Cone Standoff Insulators -- 10-32
Steatite Cone Standoff Insulators -- 10-33
Steatite cones have smooth white glaze. Comes complete with brass nickel plated screws and cushion washers.
Fish Spine Beads -- 10-215
Fish Spine Beads -- 10-215A
Fish Spine Beads -- 10-215B
Suitable for buss and heavy lines insulation. Beads follow bends and curves because of ball and socket style interlocks
Airplane Insulators -- 10-72
Airplane Insulators -- 10-73
Airplane Insulators -- 10-74
Suitable for mobile and aircraft or guy wire application. Compression type strain insulators. Nos. 10-73, 10-74 made of white glazed low absorption porcelain. No. 10-72 made of wet process porcelain.
Feed - Thru Insulators -- 10-125
Feed - Thru Insulators -- 10-234
Feed - Thru Insulators -- 10-58
Feed - Thru Insulators -- 10-78
These are quality porcelain insulators smoothy glazed. Heavy nickel plated brass hardware used. Cushion washers supplied.
Corrugated Feed-Thru Insulator -- 10-52
Corrugated Feed-Thru Insulator -- 10-76
Corrugated Feed-Thru Insulator -- 10-79
These numbers have twice the leakage path of the straight type due to the increased surface area. Brass nickel plated hardware and cushion washers supplied.