Clippard Datasheets for Plastic Valves

Plastic valves are made from plastic materials and are used in applications that require corrosion resistance and/or chemical handling.
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Product Name Notes
2-Way Electronic Poppet Valve
3-Way Combination Valve,
3-Way Combination
3-Way Delay In, 2-Position
3-Way Delay In, Spring Return
3-Way Delay Out
3-Way Dual Pilot Valve,
3-Way Electronic Poppet Valve
3-Way Low Pressure Combination Valve
3-Way Memory Valve,
3-Way Multiple Pilot, Spring Return
3-Way Multiple Pilot
3-Way Valve, 2-Position
3-Way Valve, Spring Return
3-Way, LP Pilot Valve,
4-Way 2-Position, Electronic Valve
4-Way 6-Ported, LP Pilot
4-Way Binary Trigger Valve,
4-Way Delay In & Out
4-Way Delay In, 2-Position
4-Way Delay In
4-Way Delay Out, Screw Adjustment
4-Way Interface, 2-Position
4-Way Interface, Spring Return
4-Way Spring Return, Electronic Valve
4-Way Twin Pilot Valve, 2-Position
4-Way Twin Pilot Valve, Spring Return
4-Way Valve, 5-Ported, 2-Position
4-Way Valve, 5-Ported, LP Pilot
4-Way Valve, 5-Ported, Spring Return
4-Way Valve, 6-Ported, 2-Position
4-Way Valve, 6-Ported
4-Way Valve, Vent Piloted
4-Way Valve,Vent Piloted, 2-Position
4-Way, 5-Ported, Memory Valve
All of the benefits of Clippard quality and reliability are now available in these 10mm and 15mm valves. Offered in both Normally-Open or Normally-Closed models, these 2-way and 3-way valves...
Dual 3-Way Valve, Common Inlet
Dual 3-Way Valves, Independent
Dual 3-Way, 3-Input "And"
Dual 4-Way, 5-Ported, 3-Position
Dual 4-Way, Twin Pilot Valve, 2-Position
Dual Normally-Open 3-Way Valves
The compact ES valve, like Clippard EV and ET valves, converts low voltage, low current signals into high pressure (0-105 psig) pneumatic outputs, utilizing a unique, patented, valving principle. Since...
These direct actuating valves offer an extremely fast response time for accurate dosing of minute volumes with the same long life you expect from the original Clippard EV line of...