Technic, Inc. Datasheets for Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments

Cleaning agents and surface treatments includes liquid cleaners, degreasers, strippers, passivators, etchants, solutions and additives for cleaning and surface preparation.
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Product Name Notes
Photoresist Stripper -- TechniStrip® NF52 A highly effective negative tone photoresist remover used mainly for TSV mask and solder bumping applications. Developed to address laminated photo-resins and liquid resins, the novel stripping formulation of this...
Belt Stripping Processes -- Techni M-16 Tin-Lead Stripper A low sludge, low cost stripper based on nitric acid. High stripping rate (0.33-0.83 µm/second) with a high loading capacity for long solution life.
Cleaner -- TechniClean TH1020 A specialty cleaner that stops electroless nickel from depositing in non-plated through holes (NPTH). When electroless copper is utilized for metallization it can leave Pd activator residues behind in NPTH.
Photoresist Stripper -- TechniStrip® NF90 A TMAH free solution that offers similar performance to the TechniStrip NF52. High resin dissolution and very good metal compatibility.
Powder Acid Activator -- Techni Acid Salt TAS-3Z Acid salt with fluoride for nickel alloys, copper, brass activation. Similar to TAS-1, but more aggressive for hard to activate surfaces.
Powder Acid Activator -- Techni Acid Salt TAS-1 Acid salt, non-fluoride, replacement for mineral acids in pickling operations. Used to activate all base metals.
Pre-treatment Processes -- Techni ACT 9600 / Techni ACT 5800 Acidic descaling processes for removing oxides and heat scale from base material substrates prior to subsequent electroplating applications.
Electrolytic Cleaner -- Technic TEC 1016 Alkaline low foaming, chelated. Rapidly removes oils, grease, and other contaminants.
Cleaner -- Techni X-Cell 318 An acid cleaner specifically designed to wet copper surfaces and remove oxides from previous process steps is extremely important when processing product with blind vias and tight tolerances.
Photoresist Stripper -- TechniStrip® P1331 An advanced photoresist stripper that has a wide range of applications from DUV to thick negative resins and passivation layer reworking. It is especially ideal for use in back end...
Acid Activate for Leaded Brass, Beryllium Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, Silver -- Technic Acid Salt TAS-3Z Blend of dry acid salts for pickling metals prior to electroplating.
Acid Activate for Steel, Brass, Copper and Passive Nickel -- Techni Acid Salt TAS-1 Blend of dry acid salts for replacement of sulfuric and hydrochloric acid for pickling metals prior to electroplating.
Immersion Deflash -- Techni Chemical Deflash LT Checmical process recommended to remove bleed and light flash from plastic semiconductor packages at lower operating temperatures.
Soak or Ultrasonic for Copper and Brass -- Techni Buff Solv Concentrated alkaline liquid cleaner for removing buffing compounds, tarnish and oxides from copper and brass.
Advanced Metal Etchant for Semiconductor Packaging Applications -- TechniEtch CN10 Copper seed layer etchant providing selective etch and high loading capacity for UBM and RDL applications. Used also for selective Cu/Ni in UBM stack because of its great etching metal...
Rinse Aid -- Techni Aqua Shed-1 Creates hydrophobic surface to increase rinseability and reduce water staining.
Gold Stripper -- Technistrip AU Cyanide based gold stripper prepared from dry mix. Removes gold from most base metals.
Tin Stripper For Tab Platers -- Techni HCL Electrolytic Solder Strip Electrolytic stripper used on auto plating machines for removal of solder from Copper based substrate.
Advanced Metal Etchant for Semiconductor Packaging Applications -- TechniEtch AC35 Gold and copper etchant offering minimal metal undercutting while performing an effective etching of each or both metals.
Electro or Soak Cleaner for Brass, Steel, and Copper -- TEC-1010 Highly conductive electro-cleaner for removal of light oxide, oils and light buffing compound with excellent low recess cleaning.
Immersion Deflash -- Techni Chemical Deflash LT Highly conductive electro-cleaner for removal of light oxide, oils and light buffing. Excellent risibility and wide temperature range.
Advanced Metal Etchant for Semiconductor Packaging Applications -- TechniEtch SLC Ideal for seed layer removal, this selective gold etchant performs with a minimum of Cu sidewall erosion and is Sn and alloy compatible.
Advanced Metal Etchant for Semiconductor Packaging Applications -- TechniEtch ACI2 Iodine based metal etchant for use with selective gold applications.
Precleaner for Electrolytic Copper Plating -- Elevate Cu 6300 Cleaner Liquid acid cleaner formulated for the removal of oxides, fingerprints, and light resist residues from copper seed layer surfaces prior to electrolytic copper plating.
Final Finish and Pattern Plate Pre-clean -- TechniClean AT 1000 Low Cost, Easy to Use, Free Rinsing, Will Not Etch / Ideal for Thin Copper Coatings.
ENIG Pre-clean -- TechniEtch AT2000 Low Cost, High Copper Capacity Compared to Generic Sodium Persulfate.
Non-corrosive, Near Neutral PH Process for Removal of Surface Oxides -- Techni Neutral pH Activator Near neutral pH activation process to ensure proper adhesion and proper surface preparation prior to tin plating.
Electroless Nickel Stripper -- Techni EN Strip 1700 Non cyanide alkaline stripper designed to remove electroless or electrolytic nickel from copper.
Silver Stripper -- Technic Cyless® Silver Strip Non-cyanide stripper to remove silver from copper.
Soak Cleaner Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals -- Technic TSC-1501 oak cleaner for removal of most grease and oils from ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
Alkaline Zincate -- Techni Alkaline Zincate Process designed to properly prepare aluminum and its alloys for electroless or electrolytic plating.
Aggressive Descaler -- Techni ACT 5800 Recommended where a more aggressive etch is required.
Photoresist Stripper -- TechniStrip® NI555 Specially formulated to fully dissolve AZ EM advanced line of photoresist: AZ15nXt, AZ40XT and AZnLOF 2000 series. High metal compatibility from a DMSO and TMAH free solution.
Pre-treatment Processes -- Technic Predip 470 Technic Predip 470 is a single additive pre-treatment process which minimizes silver immersion deposits on copper/copper alloy substrates prior to silver plating.
Pre-treatment Processes -- Techni Electro Deflash #4 / Techni Electro Deflash PL Technic’s conventional electrolytic deflash products for removing mold flash and resin from IC components prior to subsequent electroplating operations. Techni Electro Deflash #4 operates at elevated pH levels while Techni...
Pre-treatment Processes -- Techni Chemical Deflash 38 Technic’s newly developed chemical deflash chemistry which operates in immersion mode followed by water jet for removal of mold flash and resin bleed from semiconductor packages sensitive to mold compound...
Belt Stripping Processes -- Techni Strip ELBS This process is specifically designed for efficient stripping of tin, tin-lead and/or nickel deposits from stainless steel belt and fingers of automated cut-strip plating equipment.
Advanced Metal Etchant for Semiconductor Packaging Applications -- TechniEtch TBR19 Ti/TiN/TiW etchant with low undercut and high Cu, Al, Sn compatibility.
Micro Etch for Copper -- Techni CU 85 Used to deoxidize/activate copper based parts prior to electroplating.
Soak Cleaner for Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals -- Technic TSC 1508-L Water based alkaline cleaner concentrate for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.