Technic, Inc. Datasheets for Metal Shapes and Stock

Metal shapes and stock includes metals and alloys in the form of bars, rods, beams, plates, foils, and other standard shapes. Depending on the type of selection activity and application, a metal shape may be selected based on its material type or from specific mechanical properties relative to the service conditions.
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Product Name Notes
Copper Coated Silver Flake
Gold Flake, Copper Coated
Gold Flake, Milled
Gold Flake, Nickel Coated
Gold Flake, Precipitated
Gold Powder and Alloys, Atomized
Gold Powder, Copper Coated
Gold Powder, Nickel Coated
Gold Powder, Precipitated Amorphous
Gold Powder, Precipitated spherical
Indium Coated Silver Flake
Palladium Flake
Platinum Flake
Precipitated Amorphous Palladium Powder
Precipitated Amorphous Platinum Powder
Precipitated Spherical Palladium Powder
Silver Carbonate
Silver Flake, Copper Coated, SilCoflake™
Silver Flake, Silflake ®
Silver Nitrate, Liquid Form
Silver Oxide
Silver Powder and Alloys - Atomized Silver
Silver Powder, Copper Coated, SilCopowder™
Silver Powder, Precipitated Amorphous, Silpowder ®
Silver Powder, Precipitated Spherical, Silsphere™
Silver-Palladium Powder, Atomized
Silver-Palladium Powder, Precipitated Amorphous
Silver-Palladium Powder, Precipitated Spherical
Tin Coated Copper Powder
Tin Coated Silver Flake