Schmalz Inc. Datasheets for Filtration Equipment

Filtration equipment is used to filter, thicken or clarify a mixture of different elements.
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Product Name Notes
Filters are used in order to protect the vacuum generator and the valve from contamination in dusty environments. The filters are installed between the vacuum generator or valve and the...
For high volume flows/suction capacity at low vacuum values. The optimum vacuum generators for handling porous workpieces.
In addition to the functions of a basic ejector, compact ejectors are equipped with a suction valve, a blow-off valve, a vacuum switch and a filter.
The complete unit for handling and clamping tasks, consisting of pump, reservoir, monitoring and regulation.
Filter disc to protect the vacuum system from dust and dirt, without changing the flow restrictor Filter disc prevents the workpiece from being sucked into the suction cup
Inline filter for use in vacuum systems with light to medium dirt levels Can be mounted on individual suction cups for the handling of dirty workpieces Simple hose connection
Vacuum filter for protection of sensitive vacuum generators (such as pumps and blowers) by filtering the incoming air For use in dusty surroundings; removal of almost 100 % of the...