Eaton Corporation - Sensors Datasheets for Current Sensors

Current sensors measure AC and/or DC current levels. They receive current inputs and provide outputs as analog voltage signals, analog current levels, switches, or audible signals.
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Product Name Notes
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC0420SC
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC0420SP
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC105SC
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC105SP
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC110SC
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC110SP
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC1420SC
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC1420SP
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC205SC
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC205SP
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC210SC
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC210SP
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC2420SC
Current Sensors EAC Series -- EAC2420SP
Current Sensors EACP Series -- EACP0420120SP
Current Sensors EACP Series -- EACP042024USP
Current Sensors EACP Series -- EACP1420120SP
Current Sensors EACP Series -- EACP142024USP
Current Sensors EACP Series -- EACP2420120SP
Current Sensors EACP Series -- EACP242024USP
The CurrentWatch EAC Series from Eaton’s electrical business combines a current transformer and signal conditioner into a single package. The EAC Series has jumper-selected current input ranges and industry standard...
Current Sensors EACR Series -- EACR0420SC
Current Sensors EACR Series -- EACR0420SP
Current Sensors EACR Series -- EACR1420SC
Current Sensors EACR Series -- EACR1420SP
Current Sensors EACR Series -- EACR2420SC
Current Sensors EACR Series -- EACR2420SP
The CurrentWatch EACR Series current sensor family from Eaton’s electrical business combines a current sensor and a “True RMS” signal conditioner into a single package. The EACR Series provides True...
CurrentWatch™ ECS Series -- ECSNCASC
CurrentWatch™ ECS Series -- ECSNCASP
CurrentWatch™ ECS Series -- ECSNCFSC
CurrentWatch™ ECS Series -- ECSNCFSP
CurrentWatch™ ECS Series -- ECSNOASC
CurrentWatch™ ECS Series -- ECSNOASP
CurrentWatch™ ECS Series -- ECSNOFSC
CurrentWatch™ ECS Series -- ECSNOFSP
The CurrentWatch ECS Series from Eaton’s electrical business is a family of solid-state adjustable current switches, ideal for providing status information on electrical equipment. The ECS is excellent for new...
CurrentWatch™ ECS7 Series -- ECS700SC
CurrentWatch™ ECS7 Series -- ECS701SC
CurrentWatch™ ECS7 Series -- ECS702SC
CurrentWatch™ ECS7 Series -- ECS710SP
CurrentWatch™ ECS7 Series -- ECS711SP
CurrentWatch™ ECS7 Series -- ECS712SP
The CurrentWatch ECS7 Series load monitoring switches from Eaton’s electrical business are designed for overload, underload or operating window applications. Upon sensing an average operating current, the ECS7 Series self-learns...
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ400SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ401SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ402SP
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ403SP
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ404SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ405SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ406SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ407SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ420SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ421SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ422SP
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ423SP
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ424SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSJ Series -- ECSJ430SC
The CurrentWatch ECSJ Series current operated switches from Eaton’s electrical business provide the same dependable indication of status offered by the CurrentWatch ECS Series, but with the added benefit of...
CurrentWatch™ ECSTD Series -- ECSTD401SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSTD Series -- ECSTD402SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSTD Series -- ECSTD404SP
CurrentWatch™ ECSTD Series -- ECSTD405SP
CurrentWatch™ ECSTD Series -- ECSTD406SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSTD Series -- ECSTD407SC
CurrentWatch™ ECSTD Series -- ECSTD408SP
CurrentWatch™ ECSTD Series -- ECSTD409SP
The CurrentWatch ECSTD Series from Eaton’s electrical business is a family of high performance current operated switches with field adjustable time delay to help minimize nuisance trips during start-up and...
Current Sensors EDC Series -- EDC1420SC
Current Sensors EDC Series -- EDC205SP
Current Sensors EDC Series -- EDC210SP
Current Sensors EDC Series -- EDC2420SP
Current Sensors EDC Series -- EDC305SP
Current Sensors EDC Series -- EDC310SP
Current Sensors EDC Series -- EDC3420SP
Current Sensors EDC Series -- EDC405SP
Current Sensors EDC Series -- EDC410SP
Current Sensors EDC Series -- EDC4420SP
The CurrentWatch EDC Series from Eaton’s electrical business combines a hall effect sensor and signal conditioner into a single package for use in DC current applications up to 300A. The...
Current Sensors EPRM Series -- EPRM0420LSP
Current Sensors EPRM Series -- EPRM0510ASP
Current Sensors EPRM Series -- EPRM1420LSP
Current Sensors EPRM Series -- EPRM1510ASP
Current Sensors EPRM Series -- EPRM2420LSP
Current Sensors EPRM Series -- EPRM2510ASP
Current Sensors EPRM Series -- EPRM3420LSP
Current Sensors EPRM Series -- EPRM3510ASP
Current Sensors EPRMR Series -- EPRMR0420LSP
Current Sensors EPRMR Series -- EPRMR0510ASP
Current Sensors EPRMR Series -- EPRMR1420LSP
Current Sensors EPRMR Series -- EPRMR1510ASP
Current Sensors EPRMR Series -- EPRMR2420LSP
Current Sensors EPRMR Series -- EPRMR2510ASP
Current Sensors EPRMR Series -- EPRMR3420LSP
Current Sensors EPRMR Series -- EPRMR3510ASP
The CurrentWatch EPRM Series from Eaton’s electrical business is a family of DIN-rail compatible, split-core current sensors. Product features include a large aperture, switch-selectable inputs and outputs and isolation between...