Wiper Master, Inc. Datasheets for Body Harnesses

Body harnesses arrest the freefall of a worker from an aerial worksite and provide support a person while being suspended. They are essential safety devices for all labor performed at elevated locations.

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Product Name Notes
Msa 10105889 EVOTECH™ Full-Body Harnesses (Each) -- 3085371D1
Msa 10105931 EVOTECH™ Full-Body Harnesses (Each) -- 3085527D1
Msa 10105940 EVOTECH™ Full-Body Harnesses (Each) -- 3085528D1
Msa 10105941 EVOTECH™ Full-Body Harnesses (Each) -- 3085529D1
Msa 10105946 EVOTECH™ Full-Body Harnesses (Each) -- 3085530D1
Msa 10105954 EVOTECH™ Full-Body Harnesses (Each) -- 3085531D1
Msa 10105956 EVOTECH™ Full-Body Harnesses (Each) -- 3085532D1
Msa 10105958 EVOTECH™ Full-Body Harnesses (Each) -- 3085533D1
Msa 10105960 EVOTECH™ Full-Body Harnesses (Each) -- 3085534D1
Available with Qwik-Fit™, tongue buckle or quick-connect buckles for easy connection and adjustment. Design keeps leg straps in place. Dual-color (red/black) webbing has patent-pending management system for storing excess and...
DBI/Sala 1110101 ExoFit™ XP Vest Style Harnesses -- 458001011
DBI/Sala 1110102 ExoFit™ XP Vest Style Harnesses -- 458001021
Constructed with removable padding, 3-D mesh lining that wicks moisture away and "X" design padding wraps around wearer for no-tangle donning. Features spring-loaded "stand-up" dorsal D-ring, ergonomic design incorporating shoulder,...
Miller RKNAR-QC-DP/UBK Revolution Arc Rated Safety Harness -- 341556171
Miller RKNAR-TB-B/UBK Revolution Arc Rated Safety Harness -- 341558321
DualTech™ webbing offers durability and fire-retardant properties of Kevlar® on outer side, with softer fire-retardant Nomex® on inside. PivotLink™ design allows freedom of motion and comfort while unique cam buckles...
Protecta 1191209 Non-Stretch Harness -- 458035051
Protecta 1191209 Non-Stretch Harness -- 458035061
Ergonomically designed for better fit and function with integrated hip and shoulder pads for ultimate comfort. Polyester web has superior abrasion resistance and durability. Lightweight hardware and connecting components reduce...
Protecta AB17530 First Vest Style Harnesses (Each) -- 458075301
Protecta AB17550 First Vest Style Harnesses (Each) -- 458036081
Protecta AB17560 First Vest Style Harnesses (Each) -- 458036091
Features 5-point adjustment, optional side D-rings and pass-through or tongue-buckle straps. Corrosion-resistant hardware made of zinc-plated stamped steel. 1 3/4" wide polyester web with supple back plaque. Minimum tensile strength...
Miller 650K/UBL Lightweight/Comfort Welder Harness(Each) -- 341558471 Features blue, flame-retardant Nomex® webbing to protect against weld splatter. Special inner Kevlar® core adds strength and high-temperature resistance. Equipped with back D-ring, mating chest and leg straps, friction shoulder...
DBI/ Sala 1103321 Delta™ Vest Style Harnesses (Each) -- 458035041
DBI/SALA 1101654 Construction Style Full Body Harness -- 458035011
DBI/SALA 1101655 Delta No-Tangle Harnesses Large -- 458035021
DBI/SALA 1102000 - Delta No-Tangle Body Harness Vest-Style -- 458020021
DBI/SALA 1102008 - Delta No-Tangle Body Harness Vest Style -- 458020061
Features lanyard keepers for holding unused snap hooks and reducing trip hazards, water-repellent Repel™ webbing and built-in rip-stitch impact indicators for inspection of harness for prior damaging impact loads. Includes...
Miller TF4500/UAK Titan Full Body Harnesses (Each) -- 341505641
Sperian - Miller Fall Protection Titan Full Body Harnesses, -- 341505621
Sperian - Miller Fall Protection Titan Full Body Harnesses, -- 341505631
Sperian - Miller Fall Protection Titan Full Body Harnesses, -- 341505651
Sperian - Miller Fall Protection Titan Full Body Harnesses, -- 341506431
Sperian - Miller Fall Protection Titan Full Body Harnesses, -- 341506461
Sperian - Miller Fall Protection Titan Full Body Harnesses, -- 341506471
Sperian - Miller Fall Protection Titan Full Body Harnesses, -- 341541571
Features sliding back D-ring which keeps worker in upright position in event of a fall. Lightweight, durable webbing provides all day comfort and dependability. Available in standard or stretch webbing.
Miller TK4051/U/6FT Titan™ Harness/Lanyard Combo -- 341505661 Features sliding back D-ring with attached lanyard which keeps worker in upright position in event of a fall. Lightweight, durable webbing provides all day comfort and sub-pelvic strap helps reduce...
Miller R10CN-TB/UGN Revolution™ Construction Harnesses -- 341556881 Features sturdy, durable webbing, mating-buckle chest straps, tongue-buckle leg straps, cam buckles, stand-up D-ring, self-contained label pack, web finials and integrated back and shoulder pad. PivotLink™ connection offers unique rotary...
Miller RDT-QC-/UBK Revolution DualTech ANSI Harness -- 341504611
Miller RDT-TB/UBK Revolution™ Harnesses(Each) -- 341504661
Includes semi-flexible back shield for protective impact resistance, PivotLink™ connection design for bending mobility, quick-release cam buckles for one-hand adjustments, self-contained label pack and web finials. Stand-up, oversized back D-ring...
MSA 10072479 Workman® Harnesses (Each) -- 3085983A1
MSA 10072483 Workman® Harnesses (Each) -- 3085431B1
MSA 10072484 Workman® Harnesses (Each) -- 3085089C1
MSA 10072487 Workman® Harnesses (Each) -- 3085985A1
MSA 10072488 Workman® Harnesses (Each) -- 3085001C1
Lightweight components and durable webbing provide comfortable protection. Vest-style harness fits wide range of body types and sizes. Color-contrasting thigh and torso straps simplify donning. Features Qwik-Fit™ chest strap, abrasion-resistant,...
Msa 10077571 Workman® Construction Harnesses (Each) -- 3085305B1
Workman Construction Harnesses, Workman HARN Const QFCSTBLS -- 3085297C1
Provides comfortable protection due to lightweight components and durable webbing. Vest-style harness, with back and hip D-rings for work positioning, fits wide range of body types and sizes. Color-contrasting thigh...
Miller E650/UGN DuraFlex® Stretchable Harness(Each) -- 341546221 Specially formulated webbing stretches to provide greater comfort, improved safety and increased productivity. Includes mating-buckle leg and chest straps, sub-pelvic straps, friction shoulder straps and back strap to prevent user...
Miller 650CN-BP/UGN Contractor Harnesses (Each) -- 341558481
Sperian 650CN-BDP-UGN Harness Side D-Rings Green Universal -- 341579911
Specifically designed for use in construction. Features non-stretch webbing and unique combination back D-ring/shoulder pad to minimize discomfort and stress around neck and shoulders. Soft lumbar back pad adds support...