Wiper Master, Inc. Datasheets for Helmets and Hardhats

Helmets and hardhats are safety devices that protect the head from falling debris and other hazards.
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Product Name Notes
JACKSON SAFETY 3004628 Head-Turners Graphic Welding Helmets -- C24119941
JACKSON SAFETY 3004629 Head-Turners Graphic Welding Helmets -- C24117071
Available in high gloss black with eye-catching razor-wire/skull HellRaiser* design. Narrow shell design is perfect for work in tight spaces. Extended front increases throat protection against sparks and slag. Available...
3M 07-0012-31BL Speedglas 100 Welding Helmets with Variable -- 665521121
3M 711-07-0012-31AH - Aces High Helmet 100 w/100V SH 8-12 -- 66551973
Available with the Speedglas™100V filter, which features five user-selectable dark shades, shade 8 through shade 12, and a light shade of 3. Filter has three sensitivity settings: normal, used for...
Bullard 30FGR Classic Series Hard Hats(Each) -- 164804841
Bullard 30KBR Classic Series Hard Hats(Each) -- 164804951
Bullard 30ORR Classic Series Hard Hats(Each) -- 164805091
Bullard 30RDR Classic Series Hard Hats(Each) -- 164805131
Bullard 30WHR Classic Series Hard Hats(Each) -- 164805231
Bullard 30YLR Classic Series Hard Hats(Each) -- 164805251
Bullard 33KBR Classic Series Hard Hats(Each) -- 164805971
Bullard 33RDR Classic Series Hard Hats(Each) -- 164806151
Bullard 33WHR Classic Series Hard Hats(Each) -- 164806251
Bullard 33YLR Classic Series Hard Hats(Each) -- 164806271
Designed with a wide profile and offers heightened protection against the elements, including UV rays. Standard 1" wide seamless nylon straps increase balance and comfort. Models C30R and C33R come...
Duo Safety Helmets (Each) -- H24S2 Duo Yelloe Cap Style Helmet, 4- Point Pinlock, With Nylon Web Insert High Density Polyethlene ANSI/ ISEA Z89. 1-2009, Class E & G Made in USA
Duo Safety Helmets (Each) -- H26S2 Duo Yelloe Cap Style Helmet, 6- Point Pinlock, With Nylon Web Insert High Density Polyethlene ANSI/ ISEA Z89. 1-2009, Class E & G Made in USA
Duo Safety Helmets (Each) -- H24R2 Duo Yellow Cap Style Helmet, 4- Point Ratchet, With Nylon Web Insert High Density Polyethlene ANSI/ ISEA Z89. 1-2009, Class E & G Made in USA
Duo Safety Helmets (Each) -- H26R2 Duo Yellow Cap Style Helmet, 6- Point Ratchet, With Nylon Web Insert High Density Polyethlene ANSI/ ISEA Z89. 1-2009, Class E & G Made in USA
JACKSON SAFETY 3018230 Nitro Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet -- C24182301 Economical welding helmet features variable shade 9-13 with sensitivity and delay adjustments. Staggered (3) independent sensors. Solar powered, always on and ready to weld. Meets the ANSI Z87.1 Standards.
JACKSON SAFETY 3023579 Halo X Graphic Welding Helmets with -- C24135791
JACKSON SAFETY 3023580 Halo X Graphic Welding Helmets with -- C24135801
JACKSON SAFETY 3023581 Halo X Graphic Welding Helmets with -- C24135811
JACKSON SAFETY 3023582 Halo X Graphic Welding Helmets with -- C24135821
Extreme lightweight shell design, only 6 oz. High impact, seamless graphic designs. Hydraflex* shell for flexibility and durability. Easily attaches to safety caps for added head protection. Meets ANSI Z87.1...
Sperian 12210250 Alpha Cap Hard Hats(Each) -- 341502501
Sperian 12210251 Alpha Cap Hard Hats(Each) -- 341502511
Sperian 12210252 Alpha Cap Hard Hats(Each) -- 341538091
Sperian 12210254 Alpha Cap Hard Hats(Each) -- 341538101
Sperian 12210256 Alpha Cap Hard Hats(Each) -- 341538111
Features dielectric design, universal accessory slots for cap attachments, low-profile, high-density polyethylene shell, and patented shock-absorbing hangers. Ratchet suspension with nylon straps. Includes replaceable, sponge padded sweatband and downward-angled nape...
MSA 10021292 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308520351
MSA 454730 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308547531
MSA 454731 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308547341
MSA 454732 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308547541
MSA 454733 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308547331
MSA 454734 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308547551
MSA 454735 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308547561
MSA 454736 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308547361
MSA 475367 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308555671
MSA 475368 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308553681
MSA 475369 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308553701
MSA 475370 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308555681
MSA 489360 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308564301
MSA 815562 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308599241
MSA 815570 V-Gard Full-Brim Hard Hats(Each) -- 308599251
MSA Part number 475366 HATV-GARDYELLOWRATCHET Susp -- 308555661
MSA Part number 475371 HATV-GARDREDRATCHET Susp -- 308553711
Features durable, high-density polyethylene shell. Includes the Staz-On® pinlock or Fas-Trac® ratchet suspension system, Cushionaire™ sweatband and adjustable crown straps. Meets all applicable Type I, Top Impact requirements for ANSI/ISEA...
Bullard 61HOR S61 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164807971
Bullard 61KBR S61 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164808011
Bullard 61RDR S61 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164808091
Bullard 61WHR S61 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164808131
Bullard 61YLR S61 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164808151
Features lightweight, high-density polyethylene construction and low-profile, rounded front design. The 4-point suspension includes cotton brow pad and Flex-Gear® ratchet size adjustment. Custom logo printing available. Meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2003, Type...
JACKSON SAFETY 3000506 800 Series Leather Helmet (Each) -- C24114391 Features tough, pliable, breathable leather covering. Ideal for work in tight spaces. Meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA compliant.
Bullard 51KBP S51 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164807111
Bullard 51KBR S51 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164807131
Bullard 51WHP S51 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164807661
Bullard 51WHR S51 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164807681
Bullard 51YLP S51 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164807701
Bullard 51YLR S51 Hard Hats(Each) -- 164807721
Flat front, trim profile shell design combines fit with a look that workers prefer. Features rain trough and poly brow pad for comfort. Lightweight, high-density, polyethylene construction for durability. Available...
Harley-Davidson HDHHAT10 Hard Hats(Each) -- 341529481
Harley-Davidson HDHHAT20 Hard Hats(Each) -- 341529491
H-D® Flames features high-gloss, black shell with realistic flame design and the Harley-Davidson® Bar and Shield logo imprinted on the front. H-D® Racing offers high-gloss, metallic silver shell with checkered...
Jackson Safety 3002502 Shadow Welding Helmets HSL100-187S -- C24116661 Includes 370 headgear. Narrow shell design is perfect for work in tight spaces. Extended front increases throat protection against sparks and slag. Standard shade 10 polycarbonate filter plate and cover...
Fibre-Metal 110-WH Superglas Pipeliner Welding Helmets White -- 614605131
Fibre-Metal 110PWE Pipeliner Style Welding Helmets Superglas -- 347688751
Molded from SuperGlas Plus, a material formulated for lightweight and strength. Provides everything pipewelders need to be safe and productive under the harshest welding conditions. Moisture and impact resistant. Will...
MSA 10087218 Hard Hat Suspensions (Each) -- 3085196C1
MSA 10087220 Hard Hat Suspensions (Each) -- 3085079D1
MSA 492567 Hard Hat Suspensions (Each) -- 308525671
MSA 492568 Hard Hat Suspensions (Each) -- 308565861
MSA 816645 Hard Hat Suspensions (Each) -- 3085035A1
MSA's line of hard hat suspensions are available in a variety of sizes. Hard hat sold separately. - The Fas-Trac® ratchet suspension is a 4-point webbed system with a large...
JACKSON SAFETY 3002514 EQC* Series Welding Helmets(Each) -- C24116781
JACKSON SAFETY 3002515 EQC* Series Welding Helmets(Each) -- C24116791
JACKSON SAFETY 3004384 EQC* Series Welding Helmets(Each) -- C24118191
NEXGEN* digital auto-darkening filter features a variable shade 9-13, sensitivity and delay adjustments. Four independent sensors positioned to reduce possibility of blockage during weld. Replaceable lithium batteries (included) with low...
Fibre-Metal 906GY Tigerhood Classic Welding Helmets -- 614608191 Provide extended throat protection while blocking fumes and smoke from the face. Molded from Noryl®. Size and shape allow air to circulate, helping to clear any smoke and fumes that...