Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Concrete Mixers

Concrete mixers are used to mix concrete during the processing of water, cement and aggregate media, or during the delivery and final pour preparation.
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Product Name Notes
Concrete Mixer, 3cf, 115V/60Hz, Hand Tow -- HM-220
Concrete Mixer, 3cf, 115V/60Hz, Hi-Speed Tow -- HM-221
Gilson portable concrete mixers are available in two versions. Both have 3ft³ (85L) batch capacity, wheels for portability, and are powered by a 1/3hp electric motor. Mixers are built durably...
Mobile Mixer 10gl, Stationary-115V/60Hz -- MA-68
Mobile Mixer 10gl, Stationary-230V/50Hz -- MA-68F
Mobile Mixer 5gl, Stationary-115V/60Hz -- MA-67
Mobile Mixer 5gl, Stationary-230V/50Hz -- MA-67F
Portable Mixer 5gl, Stationary-115V/60Hz -- MA-66
Portable Mixer 5gl, Stationary-230V/50Hz -- MA-66F
The portable Asphalt/Concrete Mixers are ideal for sample or small batch mixing in just about any setting. The enameled-steel mixer holds a utility bucket securely in place. As the bucket...