Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Augers

Augers are large diameter, drill-like devices that are used for drilling holes into the earth, stone and pavement as well as moving grain and water in certain applications.
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Product Name Notes
Clay Augers have an open bit design and windows machined in sides that make sample viewing and recovery easier in cohesive soils. Est. Ship Wt.: 3lb (1kg).
Mud (Dutch) Auger has a unique, open design that is ideal for cutting in mucky, boggy, root-bound soils. Sample recovery and clean-up are easier. Available in 3in (76mm) diameter only.
Sand Augers have partially closed bodies and closed bits that aid sample retention in loose, granular soils. Est. Ship Wt.: 3lb (1kg).
Standard Augers are the best for a wide range of soil types. Open bit design allows larger particles to pass through for recovery. Est. Ship Wt.: 3lb (1kg).