Gilson Company, Inc. Datasheets for Mold and Die Change Equipment

Die change equipment and mold change equipment is used to quickly remove or change molds and/or dies. This equipment includes all aspects related to the transportation, alignment and changing of a die or mold.
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Product Name Notes
CBR Mold, 6" ID x 7" H w/2" Collar, Perforated Base -- BRA-60 CBR Accessory Set Convenient CBR Accessory Set includes four each of BRA-60 Molds, BRA-63 Surcharge Weights, BRA-64 Surcharge Weights, BRA-67 Swell Plates, and BRA-75 Filter Screens. One each BRA-61 Spacer...
4" Marshall Compaction Mold Only for MSA-100 Base -- MSA-100M
4" Marshall Compaction Mold Only for MSA-101 Base -- MSA-101M
4" Marshall Mold Set for MS-1, MS-10, and MS-12 -- MSA-100
4" Marshall Mold Set for MS-2, MS-3, MS-5, and MS-6 -- MSA-101
6" Marshall Mold Set for MS-5, and MS-6 -- MSA-106
Compaction Mold Assemblies are three part assemblies consisting of mold, base plate, and collar to fit Compaction Machines noted. Est. Ship Wt.: 10lb (6kg).
Concrete Beam Mold Plastic, Interlocking, 6x6x21" -- HM-331
Concrete Beam Mold, 6x6x20", Steel, Hinge-Free -- HM-279
Concrete Beam Mold, 6x6x21", Steel, 1-Piece Hinged -- HM-280
Concrete Beam Mold, 6x6x21", Steel, Hinge-Free -- HM-281
Concrete Beam Mold, 6x6x24", Steel, 1-Piece Hinged -- HM-282
Concrete Beam Mold, 6x6x30", Steel, 1-Piece Hinged -- HM-284
Concrete Beam Mold, 6x6x36", Steel, 1-Piece Hinged -- HM-286
Concrete Beam Molds are available in several configurations, all meeting ASTM and AASHTO standards for molding specimens for flexural strength testing using center or third-point loading. HM-279 and HM-281 Steel...
Cylinder Mold Stripping Tool -- HM-160 Cylinder Stripping Tool is an easy to use and inexpensive device for removing single-use cylinder molds from all sizes of concrete cylinders. Est. Ship Wt.: 4lb (2kg).
Soil Compaction Mold, 4" ID-split, 1/30 Cu Ft -- HMA-111
Soil Compaction Mold, 4" ID-Standard, 1/30 Cu Ft -- HMA-110
Soil Compaction Mold, 6" ID-Split, 1/13 Cu Ft. -- HMA-117
Soil Compaction Mold, 6" ID-Standard, 1/13 Cu Ft. -- HMA-116
Gilson compaction molds fit the HM-530 Mechanical Soil Compactor, and also may be used with manual soil compaction hammers. Split type molds separate longitudinally for easy sample removal. Less expensive...
150 mm Plastic Cube Mold -- HM-291
6" Steel Cube Mold -- HM-290
Cube Mold, 2", Cube Set, HDP -- HM-335
Cube Mold, 2x2", Bronze -- HM-294
Cube Mold, 2x2", Stainless -- HM-296
Cube Mold, 50x50mm, Bronze -- HM-294M
Cube Mold, 50x50mm, Stainless -- HM-296M
Econ-O-Cube Mold, 2x2", Plastic -- HM-297
Gilson offers a wide selection of cube and prism molds for use with cement, mortar, grout, and capping compound. Metal molds meet most ASTM and AASHTO specifications, but lighter plastic...
6 x 12in Steel Cylinder Mold w/Handle -- HM-144
Steel Cylinder Mold, 4x8" -- HM-143
Steel Cylinder Mold, 6x12" -- HM-142
Reusable heavy-duty steel split molds for use in forming concrete specimens have 1/4in (6.4mm) wall, split along one side with two quick-acting clamps. When clamps are released, mold springs part...