Carr Lane Manufacturing Co. Datasheets for Washers

Washers are disks of metal or non-metallic material placed beneath a nut, an axle bearing, or a joint, to relieve friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, or distribute pressure.
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Product Name Notes
Flat washer with a serrated face to prevent two parts from sliding in relation to each other. Close tolerance on washer ID prevents the stud from slipping.
For mounting spindles on open-arm clamps. Use two flanged washers for each clamp, one above the arm and one below.
Permanently attached C washer that swings out of the way for clear loading. Can be reversed to swing into position either clockwise or counterclockwise.
Thick, heavy-duty washer with both faces held flat and parallel. Available in steel or stainless steel.
Two-piece washer that compensates whenever a stud and clamping surface are not exactly perpendicular. The top washer has a convex spherical radius, while the bottom washer has a matching concave...
Washer that slides in and out of position for clear loading. Can be used with a nut, or by sliding it into a radial groove on a drawbar. Available in...