Carr Lane Manufacturing Co. Datasheets for Vises

Vises are used for work holding and during inspection, assembly, forming, welding, and machining operations. They usually consist of a screw, level, or cam-type mechanism that closes and holds two or more jaws around a workpiece
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Product Name Notes
High-Precision Compact Vises -- CS Series Hydraulic 3600 psi max
Collet Vises -- Single Collet Vise
Collet Vises -- Triple Collet Vise
Accurate and versatile fixture for round, square, and hex-shaped workpieces (ideal for secondary operations on screw-machine parts). Uses standard 5C collets, including step collets for large diameters, expanding collets for...
Collet Wrenches Handy three-prong wrench for easy collet insertion and adjustment. Collet Wrench has three hardened steel blades, spaced 120° apart, that fit into the slots of any 5C collet.
High-Precision Power Vises -- DF Series Hydraulic Twin Vises Our Hilma DF-series twin vises allow clamping two workpieces against a fixed center jaw, in about the same space as a normal vise. They are ideal for precision, high-production machining...
High-Precision Power Vises -- NC Series Hydra-Mechanical Vises
High-Precision Power Vises -- NC Series Hydraulic Vises
Our Hilma NC-series vises are ideal for precision, high-production machining on vertical machining centers. Fixed and sliding jaws are precision ground to accept top-jaw tooling. Finest-quality construction for excellent rigidity...
High-Precision Super-Compact 5-Axis -- SCS Series Super-Compact Vises (Manual) Our Hilma SCS-series Super-Compact Vises are designed especially for 5-axis machining. These short, compact vises have a specially designed guideway between the base and the sliding jaw that allows the...