Knight Optical (UK) Ltd Datasheets for Aspheric Lenses

Aspheric lenses compensate for spherical aberration and are used primarily for their light gathering ability.

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Product Name Notes
.Plastic lens, 18.00mm dia, 27.00mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1827
Plastic lens set (10), 10.00mm dia, 10.30mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1009-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 15.00mm dia, 12.00mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1512-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 16.00mm dia, 20.00mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1620-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 18.00mm dia, 16.97mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1817-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 18.00mm dia, 27.00mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1827-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 22.00mm dia, 34.80mm FL, Planoconvex -- LPP2235-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 25.10mm dia, 42.30mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP2542-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 32.00mm dia, 70.50mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP3270-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 5.30mm dia, 8.15mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP0508-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 5.60mm dia, 4.87mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP0604-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 8.00mm dia, 11.60mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP0812-ST
Plastic lens set (10), 9.00mm dia, 32.70mm FL, Planoconvex -- LPP3309-ST
Plastic lens set (13), 1 each of PMMA plastic lens types -- LPP0010-ST
Plastic lens, 10.00mm dia, 10.30mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1009
Plastic lens, 15.00mm dia, 12.00mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1512
Plastic lens, 15.10mm dia, 33.50mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1530
Plastic lens, 16.00mm dia, 20.00mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1620
Plastic lens, 18.00mm dia, 16.97mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP1817
Plastic lens, 22.00mm dia, 34.80mm FL, Planoconvex -- LPP2235
Plastic lens, 25.10mm dia, 42.30mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP2542
Plastic lens, 32.00mm dia, 70.50mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP3270
Plastic lens, 5.30mm dia, 8.15mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP0508
Plastic lens, 5.60mm dia, 4.87mm FL, Aspheric -- LPP0604
Plastic lens, 8.00mm dia, 11.60mm FL, Biconvex -- LPP0812
Plastic lens, 9.00mm dia, 32.70mm FL, Planoconvex -- LPP3309
Most of the single lens forms, planoconvex, planoconcave, meniscus and aspheric, are available in plastic. Plastic lenses are generally cheaper and lighter than glass equivalents but of lower quality. Plastic...
Plastic aspheric lens, 10.78mm FL, 13.40mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP1311
Plastic aspheric lens, 17.40mm FL, 6.30mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP0617
Plastic aspheric lens, 17.50mm FL, 19.50mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP1818
Plastic aspheric lens, 19.80mm FL, 37.50mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP3820
Plastic aspheric lens, 27.98mm FL, 35.00mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP3528
Plastic aspheric lens, 3.50mm FL, 8.00mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP0704
Plastic aspheric lens, 35.74mm FL, 35.00mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP3536
Plastic aspheric lens, 36.55mm FL, 16.50mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP1736
Plastic aspheric lens, 40.86mm FL, 29.00mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP2941
Plastic aspheric lens, 43.80mm FL, 10.60mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP1144
Plastic aspheric lens, 49.80mm FL, 51.00mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP5150
Plastic aspheric lens, 53.00mm FL, 35.00mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP3553
Plastic aspheric lens, 7.66mm FL, 8.00mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP0808
Plastic aspheric lens, 7.71mm FL, 5.60mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP0804
Plastic aspheric lens, 79.50mm FL, 21.00mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP2180
Plastic aspheric lens, 8.81mm FL, 11.00mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP1109
Plastic aspheric lens, 84.82mm FL, 50.00mm diameter, uncoated -- LAP5085
Plastic Aspheric Lenses are relatively cheap as they are mass produced, moulded or pressed, plastic. The surface quality of plastic aspheric lenses is worse than most conventionally polished lenses. However...
Aspheric lens Ø11.8mm f10mm -- LAF1210
Aspheric lens Ø12.5mm f8mm -- LAF1308
Aspheric lens Ø17.8mm f15mm -- LAF1815
Aspheric lens Ø19.8mm f18mm -- LAF2018
Aspheric lens Ø25.2mm f16mm -- LAF2516
Aspheric lens Ø25mm f20mm -- LAF2520
Aspheric lens Ø30mm f26mm -- LAF3026
Aspheric lens Ø44.8mm f32mm -- LAF4532
Aspheric lens Ø50.6mm f32mm -- LAF5132
Aspheric lens Ø9.8mm f8mm -- LAF1008
Aspheric lens Firepolished grade 40mmf.l x 40mmdia -- LAF4040
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade, 40mm EFL x 50mmdia, 26.2mm BFL -- LAF4050
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,12mmf.l x 15mmdia -- LAF1215
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,13mmf.l x 10mmdia -- LAF1014
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,14mmf.l x 12.9mmdia -- LAF1413
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,15mmf.l x 16mmdia -- LAF1516
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,16.5mmf.l x 24.8mmdia -- LAF1625
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,18mmf.l x 27.4mmdia -- LAF1827
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,21mmf.l x 25mmdia -- LAF2125
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,21mmf.l x 26.3mmdia -- LAF2126
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,25mmf.l x 25mmdia -- LAF2525
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,32mmf.l x 45mmdia -- LAF3245
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,49.5mmf.l x 50mmdia -- LAF5050
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,5.9mmf.l x 6.8mmdia -- LAF0607
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,60mmf.l x 75mmdia -- LAF6075
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,7.5mmf.l x 8mmdia -- LAF0807
Aspheric lens, Firepolished grade,8mmf.l x 10mmdia -- LAF0811
These fire-polished aspheric lenses are glass lenses manufactured by a simple moulding process and polished by heating just enough to melt the surface and allow surface tension to smooth out...
Aspheric lens Precision grade 7.5mmf.l x 4.50mm aperture -- LAQ0805
Aspheric lens Precision grade, 8.0mmf.l x 8.00mm aperture -- LAQ0808
Aspheric lens, Precision grade,11mmf.l x 6.59mm aperture -- LAQ1107
Aspheric lens, Precision grade,15.3mmf.l x 5.0mm aperture -- LAQ1505
Aspheric lens, Precision grade,18.4mmf.l x 5.5mm aperture -- LAQ1805
Aspheric lens, Precision grade,2.0mmf.l x 2.0mm aperture -- LAQ0202
Aspheric lens, Precision grade,2.6mmf.l x 3.11mm aperture -- LAQ0203
Aspheric lens, Precision grade,3.1mmf.l x 6.32mm aperture -- LAQ0305
Aspheric lens, Precision grade,3.3mmf.l x 3.52mm aperture -- LAQ0304
Aspheric lens, Precision grade,4.0mmf.l x 4.85mm aperture -- LAQ0405
Aspheric lens, Precision grade,4.5mmf.l x 4.95mm aperture -- LAQ0406
Aspheric lens, Precision grade,4.6mmf.l x 4.89mm aperture -- LAQ0505
Traditionally lens surfaces have been sections of a sphere. For many applications this leaves spherical aberration as the dominant defect of any image so created. Aspheric lenses are used to...