Knight Optical (UK) Ltd Datasheets for UV and Visible Spectrometers

UV and visible spectrometers measure the amount of ultraviolet (UV) and visible light transmitted or absorbed by a sample placed in the spectrometer.
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Product Name Notes
Blueshift UV I mini spectrometer 200-600nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0101
Blueshift UV II mini spectrometer 200-400nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0102
Blueshift UV III min spectrometer 220-350nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0103
Blueshift UVIS mini spectrometer 300-1100nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0104
Blueshift UVN I mini spectrometer 250-1100nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0105
Blueshift UVN II mini spectrometer 200-1050nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0106
Knight Opitcal's Blueshift UV I fiber optically coupled mini spectrometer are designed for high performance measurements of the UV spectrum between 0.2-0.6μm. The system uses a highly sensitive CCD detector...
Raman Galaxy HR mini spectrometer 785nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0602
Raman Galaxy HR-TEC mini spectrometer 785nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0603
Raman Galaxy HR-TEC-IG mini spectrometer 1064nm 1024 PDA detector -- OSP0605
Raman Galaxy SR mini spectrometer 785nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0601
Raman Galaxy SR-TEC-IG mini spectrometer 1064nm 512 PDA detector -- OSP0604
Knight Optical is pleased to offer our range of Raman mini spectrometers for quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid or powder samples. Our Raman spectrometers feature enhanced CCD...
Knight Multisystem DSR/BS dual mini spectrometer system 350-1700nm 2048 CCD/512 PDA detectors -- OSP0801
Knight Multisystem DSR/SS dual mini spectrometer syetem 280-1700nm 2048CCD/512PDA detectors -- OSP0802
Knight Multisystem DSR/UVN I dual mini spectrometer system 200-1700nm 2048 CCD/512 PDA detectors -- OSP0803
Knight Multisystem DSR/UVN II dual mini spectrometer system 200-1700nm 2048 CCD/1024 PDA detectors -- OSP0804
Knight Optical’s Knight Multisystem range of dual spectrometer systems combine two instruments to create an extended operating range that would be unachievable with a single spectrometer. By combining a 2048...
Knight Mini HR NIR I mini spectrometer 900-1075 nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0703
Knight Mini HR NIR II mini spectrometer 750-850nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0704
Knight Mini HR NIR III mini spectrometer 500-580nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0705
Knight Mini HR UV I mini spectrometer 200-340nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0701
Knight Mini HR UV II mini spectrometer 200-300nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0702
Knight Optical’s range of High Resolution mini spectrometers are designed for applications where even the high accuracy of our other ranges is not enough. Bought as an upgrade for our...
Nebula NIR I mini spectrometer 500-1150nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0402
Nebula NIR II mini spectrometer 600-1000nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0403
Nebula NIR III mini spectrometer 785-1150nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0404
Nebula NIR IV mini spectrometer 550-840nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0405
Nebula NIR V mini spectrometer 680-935nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0406
Nebula NIR VI mini spectrometer 500-700nm 2048CCD detector -- OSP0407
Nebula NIR VII mini spectrometer 600-800nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0408
Nebula VIS mini spectrometer 350-1150nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0401
Knight Optical's Nebula VIS fiber optically coupled mini spectrometer is designed for high performance measurements of the VIS spectrum between 0.35-1.15nm. The system uses a highly sensitive CCD detector with...
Redshift NIR I mini spectrometer 900-1700nm 512 PDA detector -- OSP0501
Redshift NIR II mini spectrometer 900-1600nm 512 PDA detector -- OSP0502
Redshift NIR III mini spectrometer 1250-1575nm 512 PDA detector -- OSP0503
Redshift NIR IV mini spectrometer 1150-1475nm 512 PDA detector -- OSP0504
Redshift NIR V mini spectrometer 1000-1700nm 1024 PDA detector -- OSP0505
Redshift NIR-HR 512 mini spectrometer 1530-1605nm 512 PDA detector -- OSP0506
Redshift NIR-HR-1024 mini spectrometer 1500-1640nm 1024 PDA detector -- OSP0507
Redshift NIR-SR 1024 mini spectrometer 900-2300nm 1024 PDA detector -- OSP0511
Redshift NIR-SR 512 mini spectrometer 900-2300nm 512 PDA detector -- OSP0510
Redshift NIR-X I mini spectrometer 1500-2200nm 512 PDA detector -- OSP0508
Redshift NIR-X II mini spectrometer 1500-2200nm 1024 PDA detector -- OSP0509
Knight Optical's Redshift NIR I high performance mini spectrometer is designed to cover the NIR wavelength range from 0.9-1.7μm. Boasting an InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide) detector with a high quality...
Shooting Star C I mini spectrometer 190-850nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0201
Shooting Star C II mini spectrometer 280-900nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0202
Shooting Star C-HR I mini spectrometer 200-600nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0205
Shooting Star C-HR II mini spectrometer 380-750nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0206
Shooting Star C-SR I mini spectrometer 200-1080nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0203
Shooting Star C-SR II mini spectrometer 220-1100nm 2048 CCD detector -- OSP0204
Knight Optical's Shooting Star C mini spectrometer is a research grade system with a concave grating offering high performance for spectral applications in the UV/VIS between 190-850nm. The 40mm concave...
Supernova mini spectrometer 190-1110nm 2048px CCD Detector -- OSP0301 The Knight Optical Supernova spectrometer is a research grade, multi-purpose system for a broad range of spectral applications. The Supernova is designed for maximum operating efficiency over a wide UVN...