Pivot Point, Inc. Datasheets for Cotter Pins and Wire Clips

Cotter pins and wire clips are penetrating and coupling mechanical fasteners. They are easy to install and remove. Cotter pins come in several forms, with each designed for a specific kind of assembly. Some cotter pins are suitable for use as shear pins.

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Product Name Notes
Double Loop Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-7DB
Double Loop Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-9DB
A double loop adds flexibility for a wider fit range. Stresses are evenly spread throughout the loop, giving longer life and more repeatability. High quality part made of hard drawn...
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-1
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-1-S
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-10
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-12
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-2
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-2-S
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-4
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-4-S
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-5
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-5-S
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-6
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-6-S
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-8
Hair Pin Cotters -- HAIR-8-S
Hair Pin Cotters are a spring-type cotter made to be reusable. Hair Pin Cotters are generally meant to be used in through-holes while Hair Pin Clips are generally meant to...
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-120
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-120-10
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-120-12
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-148-10
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-148-12
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-177-16
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-54
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- Bow-54S-177
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-72
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- Bow-72S-177
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-72S-410
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-91
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-91-8
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters -- BOW-91S-410
Invented by Pivot Point, the popular Bow-Tie Locking Cotter™ works like a Hair Pin Cotter, but locks itself on! Push or pull the cotter leg into the mating hole, the...
Kickout Rings -- KIC-12580
Kickout Rings -- KIC-12580-S
Kickout Rings -- KIC-172
Kickout Rings -- KIC-172-S
Kickout Cotter Rings are a type of Circle Cotter with a "kick-out" design that is made for speed and economy. Easily removable, this cotter can be installed fast by inserting...
Rue Ring -- RUE-10
Rue Ring -- RUE-10-S
Rue Ring -- RUE-14
Rue Ring -- RUE-14-S
Rue Ring -- RUE-19
Rue Ring -- RUE-22
Rue Ring -- RUE-24
Rue Ring -- RUE-24-S
Rue Ring -- RUE-24LL
Rue Ring -- RUE-30
Rue Ring -- RUE-30-S
Rue Ring -- RUE-34
Rue Ring -- RUE-36
Rue Ring -- RUE-36-S
Rue Ring -- RUE-40
Rue Ring -- RUE-42
Rue Ring -- RUE-8
Rue Ring -- RUE-8-S
Rue Ring -- RUE-9H
Our Original Design! Pivot Point originally invented Rue Ring™ Locking Cotter Pins. Don't be fooled by imitations! Our original proven design and manufacturing specifications ensure proper fit and function. The...
Split Key Rings -- RING-1
Split Key Rings -- RING-11
Split Key Rings -- RING-12M
Split Key Rings -- RING-13
Split Key Rings -- RING-14M
Split Key Rings -- RING-15
Split Key Rings -- RING-16M
Split Key Rings -- RING-17
Split Key Rings -- RING-17L
Split Key Rings -- RING-17M
Split Key Rings -- RING-18M
Split Key Rings -- RING-19
Split Key Rings -- RING-1M
Split Key Rings -- RING-20M
Split Key Rings -- RING-21
Split Key Rings -- RING-23
Split Key Rings -- RING-25
Split Key Rings -- RING-27
Split Key Rings -- RING-29
Split Key Rings -- RING-3
Split Key Rings -- RING-5
Split Key Rings -- RING-7
Split Key Rings -- RING-8M
Split Key Rings -- RING-9
Pivot Point Split Key Rings are made of high quality, nickel plated steel and designed to lay flat. Special wire drawn to a half circle shape is wound with the...
Basic Rings -- DR-12580B
Basic Rings -- DR-12580B-S
Basic Rings -- DR-172B
Basic Rings -- DR-172B-S
Basic Rings -- DR-8762B
Basic Rings -- DR-8762B-S
These basic rings are a low cost alternative to Split Key Rings and are often used as ring-grips in various applications, including pins such as Detent Ring Pins. Available in...
Circle Cotters -- CC-3
Circle Cotters -- CC-3-S
Circle Cotters -- CC-5
Circle Cotters -- CC-5-S
Circle Cotters -- CC-7
Circle Cotters -- CC-7-S
Circle Cotters -- CC-9
Circle Cotters -- CC-9-S
This cotter is wound or turned on from the middle out. Start by threading the open wire end inside the circle into the hole on shaft or pin. Keep turning...