GAO Tek, Inc. Datasheets for Electronic Development Boards

Development and prototype boards and systems are computer boards or complete systems that are used to develop or test electronic modules.
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Product Name Notes
ARM Developments kits:S3CEB2410 -- ARM S3CEB2410 This ARM development kit is equipped with a UNetICE in-circuit emulator, a 20-pin Jtag interface cable, a USB cable and an Ethernet cable.
13.56 MHz. M1-mini Development Kit w/ 1 M1 module & 3 M1Mini -- 723001 This HF M1 Mini RFID development kit provides a low-power, high-performance, and cost-effective option to embed RFID as a feature in a variety of products.
TI DSP Evaluation Boards & Tools : IB2812 Interface Board This interface evaluation board is a sub-board used to evaluate the extended keyboard interface and display panel interface of TMS320F2812DSP chipset.
TI DSP Evaluation Board & Tool: MCK2812 LV Servomotor Driver This low voltage servomotor driver evaluation board is intended for use as a packing mechanism, USP, variable frequency control, electrical control and high performance DMC system.
TI DSP Evaluation Boards & Tools : DEC6713 Evaluation Board This TI DSP evaluation board can be easily integrated in a user's system and is an ideal device for high performance DMC systems.
EVM2812 TI DSP Evaluation Board -- A0M10002 This TI DSP evaluation board features on-chip flash program memory, on-chip and extendable SRAM and extendable EEPROM.
TI DSP Evaluation Board & Tool: 2812EVM-II Evaluation Board -- 2812EVM-II This TI DSP evaluation board is an ideal device specially optimized for motor driving and control system.
TI DSP Evaluation Board -- 2812EVM-I This TMS320F2812 DSP based evaluation board avoids electro-magnetic interference (EMI) to the computing unit by using an independent power supply for A/D sampling.