GAO Tek, Inc. Datasheets for Fiber Optic Power Meters

Fiber optic power meters are instruments that measure the average power of a continuous light beam. They are used to test signal power in fiber optic networks.
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Product Name Notes
This digital signal level meter conducts measurements of digital-analog-mixed networks and also performs MER and BER testing.
This handheld optical multimeter is widely used in maintenance in telecommunication, CATV and fiber optic lab testing.
This handheld optical power meter is a compact and easy-to-use test instrument for fiber network installation, acceptance testing and maintenance.
This handheld optical power meter is suitable for construction and maintenance of fiber communications and CATV systems.
This handheld optical power multi meter integrates an optical source and optical power meter into one device and conducts absolute and relative power tests, optical loss tests for fiber optic...
This handheld signal level meter is specially designed and manufactured for CATV system installation and testing. It tests CATV signal levels in both channel and frequency modes
This high performance optical power meter is used for installation and maintenance of fiber optics and CATV networks and also can be used for LAN and WAN testing, network commissioning,...
This portable optical power meter is used to test continuous optical signals and is an ideal solution for optical cable construction, optical fiber attenuation measurement, optical fiber communication systems and...