GAO Tek, Inc. Datasheets for Fiber Optic Test Sources

Fiber optic test sources review the performance of a system by injecting light through the fibers.
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Product Name Notes
This durable and compact optical laser source is ideal for simulating various conditions in the manufacture, testing and maintenance of passive optical components.
This fiber optic visual light source used together with A0820002 provides an economic and efficient solution for measuring optical loss in fiber optic in the testing and maintenance of telecom,...
This handheld adjustable light source is designed for fiber network installation, fiber network engineering acceptance and maintenance.
This handheld optical light source is commonly used for the maintenance of fiber optic telecommunication networks, CATV systems and generic cabling systems (GCS).
This handheld visible laser source overcomes the usual limitation of the dead zone of an OTDR to accurately detect fiber faults position making it an ideal instrument for the installation...
This high quality handheld laser source is an ideal instrument for optical network installation, trouble shooting and maintenance in fiber optic systems such as LAN, WAN, CATV and long-distance optical...