GAO Tek, Inc. Datasheets for Network Test Equipment

Network test equipment is used to test, probe, and analyze telecommunication, network and telephone systems.
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Product Name Notes
Portable ADSL2+ Tester -- A0010002 The advanced handheld ADSL2+ tester is used for acceptance and maintenance of ADSL equipment. It tests the ADSL physical layer, ADSL network layer and ADSL line.
Digital Signal Level Meter -- A0N00009 This digital signal level meter is specially designed for use in the maintenance of digital, analog, FM or bilateral networks. It is packed with functions such as single-channel, multi-channel, all-band...
E1/T1 BER Tester and Data Transmission Analyzer -- A0020004 This E1/T1 BERT and data transmission analyzer is an invaluable tool for the routine maintenance, repairs and operational monitoring of communication equipment.
Multi-functional E1/Datacom Tester -- A0020006 This full-featured handheld datacom BER tester offers full-featured measurements of E1, Datacom and Protocol Converter and provides extensive error detection and indication.
Handheld E1 Bit Error Rate (BER) Tester -- A0040007 This handheld E1 BER tester supports extensive error and alarm generation, detection, indication and histogram analysis of alarm and error events.
Portable E1/Datacom Transmission Analyzer -- A0020003 This handheld E1/Datacom BER transmission analyzer supports E1 frame data monitoring and analysis, double E1 channels testing, loop delay, APS delay, pulse measurement, jitter measurement, and signal level measurement.
E1/Ethernet Tester -- A0050004 This handheld E1/Ethernet tester is a perfect test tool for E1,V series interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet link maintenance and failure diagnosis.
Handheld Portable Gigabit Ethernet Tester -- A0060001 This handheld Gigabit Ethernet tester conducts network testing, data packet capture, traffic generation, cable testing, network layer 1/2/3 BER testing and RFC2544 benchmark testing.
Compact Telecom Line Tester -- A0080003 This handheld telecom line tester conducts dial and caller display, multi-line tests, as well as twister pair testing.
Multi-function Handheld xDSL Tester -- A0010004 This handheld xDSL tester tests the physical, network and application layers at a high speed. Ethernet and cable tests can also be performed.
High Performance PCM Channel Analyzer -- A0070001 This high performance PCM channel analyzer provides both auto and manual measurement modes and features multi-task operation which makes simultaneous test and former records browsing available.
Integrated Data Transmission Analyzer -- A0040006 This integrated data transmission analyzer is used for measuring the error rate of data communication and for the analysis of line faults and their causes.
Multi-Functional E1 Service Tester -- A0040008 This Multi-Functional E1 service BERT offers all of the error and alarm measurements required to verify quality-of-service in E1 networks and signal quality measurements.
Pocket Size Handheld ADSL2+ Tester -- A0010007 This pocket size ADSL2+ tester provides ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, READSL, xDSL and dial testing and also functions as a digital multi-meter.
Multi-function ADSL/ADSL2+ Tester -- A0010006 This portable ADSL2+ tester conducts upstream and downstream rate measurement, error count, line error, digital multi meter (DMM) test functions, modem simulation, PING and Trace testing.
Portable ADSL2+ Tester -- A0010003 This portable ADSL2+ tester offers such test functions as upstream and downstream rate measurements, error counts, digital multi meter (DMM) test functions, BER testing.
Portable PCM Channel Analyzer -- A0050003 This portable PCM channel analyzer is especially applicable in testing applications for R&D, production, engineering installation, commissioning and maintenance.
SDH/PDH Transmission Analyzer -- A0020005 This powerful SDH/PDH transmission analyzer is an ideal tool for the installation and troubleshooting of E1, DS3, STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12 and STM-16.OC-48 lines.
Portable xDSL Tester -- A0010005 This xDSL tester is designed for testing various xDSL lines including ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, READSL and VDSL2.