American Portwell Technology Inc. Datasheets for DC-DC Converters

DC-DC converters accept DC input and provide regulated and/or isolated DC output in various applications including computer flash memory, telecommunications equipment, and process control systems.
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Product Name Notes
Open Frame Industrial Power Supply -- MPD-810H 120W universal input open frame, DC to DC power supply
DC/DC Industrial Power Supply -- GADIWA-3160 160W DC/DC 8V to 36V/wide-input , ATX/output
DC/DC Industrial Power Supply -- GADIWA-3161 160W DC/DC 9V~29V/wide-input, 6V~9V workable with derating 160W ATX/output, Board Type Converter
DC/DC PS2 Industrial Power Supply -- ORION-300DX 300W -48V & 24V DC input DC/DC PS/2 ATX power supply
1+1 Redundant Industrial Power Supply -- ORION-D3002DDP 300W -48V DC input DC/DC mini-redundant ATX power supply
DC/DC Industrial Power Supply -- GADIWA-P0901 90W DC/DC PSU (12V/input, ATX/output), cable type
DC/DC Industrial Power Supply -- GADIWA-R9271 DC/DC 9V to 27V/wide-input , 12V/output Regulator