Parco Scientific Company Datasheets for Laboratory Funnels

Laboratory funnels are used to channel liquids or fine-grained chemicals (powders) into labware with a narrow neck or opening.
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Product Name Notes
Powder Funnel -- UNFPP100 A good quality polyethylene powder funnel for general lab use. Dimensions are 23mm stem diameter, 105mm top diameter, and 95mm overall length. Capacity is 150mL.
Plastic Separatory Funnels -- UN81201
Plastic Separatory Funnels -- UN81202
Plastic Separatory Funnels -- UN81203
Providing excellent clarity and strength, this pear-shaped polypropylene separating funnel has a leakproof threaded screw cap. The polypropylene stopcock, fitted with a self-lubricating PTFE plug, is push-fitted to the stem...
Glass Funnels -- C11905
Glass Funnels -- C11906
Glass Funnels -- C11907
Glass Funnels -- C11908
Glass Funnels -- C11909
Short stem funnels made of borosilicate glass.
Disposable Funnels -- SMF4901
Disposable Funnels -- SMF4902
Disposable Funnels -- SMF4903
Disposable Funnels -- SMF4904
These disposable funnels are made of either polystyrene or polypropylene. Both are tapered at a 60 deg angle with inside fluting. Stem opening is 4.3mm.
Plastic Short Stem Funnels -- UNFHD125
Plastic Short Stem Funnels -- UNFHD165
Plastic Short Stem Funnels -- UNFHD185
These funnels feature wide, short stems. The 65mm and 125mm sizes are made of high density polyethylene, and the 85mm size is made of polypropylene.
Plastic Long Stem Funnels -- UNFSPP10
Plastic Long Stem Funnels -- UNFSPP150
Plastic Long Stem Funnels -- UNFSPP55
Plastic Long Stem Funnels -- UNFSPP65
Plastic Long Stem Funnels -- UNFSPP75
These long stem funnels have smooth walls, 60º cone angle and external ribs to prevent air lock. Molded in polypropylene, these clear funnels can also be steam autoclaved.
Separatory Funnel Holder -- UN45104-1 This non-corrosive separatory funnel holder, molded in polypropylene, has a front opening which provides clear view of the solution and allows unobstructed placement of separating funnels. Two tapered wedges are...
Glass Separatory Funnels -- V201491000
Glass Separatory Funnels -- V201492000
Glass Separatory Funnels -- V20149250
Glass Separatory Funnels -- V20149500
VEE GEE Separatory Funnels meet ASTM E-1096 Type 4 Specifications for Classification, Design, & Markings. These separatory funnels feature smooth tooled tips, large, white block letters, and large marking squares.