Parco Scientific Company Datasheets for Beakers

Beakers are simple containers, usually cylindrical with flat bottoms and a lip for pouring, used for stirring, mixing, measuring, and heating liquids in a laboratory.
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Product Name Notes
A tall beaker with spout to facilitate pouring. For convenience these beakers are graduated to indicate their approximate content.
Beaker tongs feature strong zinc-plated steel construction with flat riveted joints and vinyl coated sleeves that open to 7". Tongs can handle beakers from 50mL to 1500mL capacity. Overall length...
Beaker, with spout, manufactured with uniform wall thickness for thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. Beakers have a double graduated metric scale and and extra large marking spot. p>
Crystal clear, autoclavable beakers feature excellent chemical resistance. Permanent graduations are molded in. Manufactured per ISO standard 7056-1981(E), beakers have stated tolerance of ±10%.
Disposable tri-corner translucent polypropylene beakers featuring notched corners for easy pouring. Easy to read graduations marked in mL. Disposable.
Double-scale low form griffin beakers with spout. Beakers are made of borosilicate glass with permanent graduations. They have a low coefficient of expansion and are thermal shock resistant. p>
Heavy duty beakers specifically designed to offer the best mechanical strength under harsh conditions. All sizes have an extra large marking spot and beakers 250 through 4000mL have a double...
Set of 6 beakers, includes: 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 400mL, 800mL, 1000mL
These griffin low form polypropylene beakers are translucent, chemical resistant and have a "no-drip" spout for easy pouring. Raised numeric graduations show approximate volume (±5%). All sizes are steam autoclavable...
These polypropylene beakers have excellent clarity and very good chemical resistance. They are autoclavable and feature raised graduations on the outer surface. These beakers also have tapered spouts for easier...
This handy set for any laboratory contains 5 graduated polypropylene beakers in the following sizes: 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL and 1000mL.