Parco Scientific Company Datasheets for Technical Training Equipment

Technical training equipment is used to instruct technicians on the operation of vacuum, semiconductor fabrication, pneumatic, hydraulic, fluid process, electromechanical, energy power generation, automation, optics, physics, chemistry and thermodynamic systems.
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Product Name Notes
12 Large Pellets 1½" or Greater
30 Small Pellets between 1¼"-1½"
40 Small Pellets 1¼" or Less
A great introduction to studying the basic rock types. Includes five 1" x 1" specimens of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, activity guide, and magnifying glass. Grades 4-12.
A portable outfit with simplified testing of nine essential nutrients at an economical price. Colorimetric tests use Octet Comparators with permanent color standards for accurate visual color comparison. Simplified titration...
A rugged field carrying case houses individual test kit modules and valuable handbooks to assist and supplement soil sciences studies. Each individual test module includes complete instructions and all the...
A unique three-dimensional model of the complete human ear incorporates a removable eardrum, semicircular canals, and cochlea. These magnified structures facilitate hands-on learning as they are correlated to a full-color...
ABO/Rh Blood Typing Kit
ABO/Rh Blood Typing Refill Kit
Acid Rain, Weathering, and Erosion Kit
Advanced modeling kit explains DNA’s double helix model in greater detail, and emphasizes construction of the nucleotides (the phosphate group, deoxyribose sugar, and one of four bases). While replication is...
Advanced Owl Pellet Study Kit
Alarm stopwatch has standard display for hour, minute, second, month, date, week. Also has stopwatch stage time keeping function, 12/24 hour function and alarm function. Assorted blue or black color.
All of our small barn owl pellets are less than 1½" long. These small pellets are all whole barn owl pellets and may come from the Pacific Northwest or other...
Ammonia Test Solution 1 & 2 Refill
Analog Clock Stamp
Animal Cell Model
Antacid Study Kit
Aspirin Study Kit
Auditory Conductivity Indicator Kit
Basic Blood Typing Kit
Basic Ear Model
Basic Eye Model
Basic Owl Pellet Study Kit
Basic unit of 75 rocks and minerals demonstrates major rock-forming minerals, the scale of hardness and recognized physical properties. Unit includes 75 specimens, each size 1¼" x ¾", a streak...
Biology and Chemistry of Soil Experiment Kit
Blinking LED Conductivity Indicator Kit
Blood Cell Model
Blood Clotting Experiment Kit
Blood Smear Kit
Breast Cross-Section Model
Calibrated Tubes - Pk/25
Cell Mitosis Model
Chemical Detection of Fingerprints
Chemiluminescence Experiment Kit
Chemiluminescence in Blood Stain Detection Kit
Chlorine Test Solution Refill
Chromate Indicator Powder Refill
Classifying Animals Kit
Classifying Objects in the Solar System Kit
Classifying Sedimentary, Igneous & Metamorphic Rocks Kit
Clock Stamp Set
Color-Coded Human Brain, 4 parts
Concepts of Classification Kit
Copper Test Solution 1 & 2 Refill
Corn Crop Genetics Kit
Correlating Sedimentary Strata Kit
Crime Scene Investigation Lab Kit
Cyanide Test Solution 1 & 2 Refill
Denoyer Geppert Giant Functional Center Brain
Denoyer Geppert Giant Hands-On Flower
Denoyer Geppert Giant Regional Brain
Denoyer Geppert Giant Three-Part Ear
Dicot Flower Model
Digestive System
Digital Count Down Timer
Diseased Pancreas w/Duodenum & Spleen
DNA/Chromosome Staining Kit
Double Pole, Double Throw
Double Pole, Single Throw
Duel-Sex Human Torso w/Open Back, 27 parts
Easy to grip, large 2" rubber stamp that shows minutes and hours.
Enlarge-A-Lab (Group of 4 Additional Students)
Examining Fossils Kit
Extend-A-Lab Kit (Group of 4 Additional Students)
Female Pelvis
Fetus Development Set
For a closer view of the anatomical details, the torso is dissectible into ten parts. The respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, and urinary system is illustrated. Easy removable head, lungs, heart,...
Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Kit
Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Refill Kit
Forensic Chemistry of Document Analysis Kit
Forensic Chemistry of Drug Detection Kit
Forensic Chemistry of Dusting for Fingerprints Kit
Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis Kit
Forensic Chemistry of Unknown Substance Kit
Forensic Science: Introduction to DNA Fingerprinting Kit
Forensics Using Simulated Blood Kit
Full Size Heart Model
Full-color models clarify the functions of male and female reproductive systems. Each model activity set consists of a markable model of durable vinyl and an activity guide which includes background...
Genetic Concepts Kit
Genetics of Blood Types Kit
Genetics of Blood Types Refill Kit
Geometry of Crystal Structure Kit
Gun Shot Residue Presumptive Test Kit
Help explain individual human characteristics and genetic differences. Visualization and understanding of meiotic cell division are promoted through enlarged views of chromosomes, cytoplasm, and chromatic and polar bodies. Grades 5-12...
Heredity & Environment Kit
Human Respiratory System
Hydroponics Experiment Kit
Identification of Recyclable Plastics Kit
Illustrate somatic cell division with this informative model. Enlarged views detail five phases of mitosis. Includes cytoplasm nucleus, nucleolus, chromatic threads, centrioles, aster, spindle, chromosomes, and centromere. Grades 5-12
Includes 15 large, heat-sterilized, individually-wrapped barn owl pellets. Features a Food Web Poster, Vole Skeleton Poster, and Bone Sorting Chart poster showing bones of rodents, shrews, moles and birds. Also...
Includes 30 large, heat-sterilized, individually-wrapped barn owl pellets. Features 8 posters: Bone Sorting, Food Web, Vole Skeleton, Mole Skeleton, Shrew Skeleton, Hum/Vole Comparison and Pellet Formation. Includes a set of...
Individualized Owl Pellet Study Kit
Introduction and Use of Dichotomous Keys Kit
Introduction to Mineral Crystals Kit
Investigate water pollution using safe, simple TesTab reagents. A lightweight, field carrying case houses 12 individual test modules. Ea ch module contains easy-to-read, diagrammed instructions, a color chart, a test...
Investigating Polyhedral Shapes Kit
Investigating Selective Breeding Kit
Investigating The Sense of Taste Kit
Iron Test Solution & Indicator Powder Refill
Kidney Model w/Adrenal Gland
Kidney, Nephron & Glomerulus Model
Kit Includes: Three owl pellets Plastic forceps Magnifying lens with holder Illustrated 12-page study guide for individualized study
LaMotte now offers a convenient, economical way to perform spot checks for several water quality factors. LaMotte test strips are a great way to monitor water without having to use...
Large Barn Owl Pellets
Like the Original Heart of America, this heart model is twice the size of a human adult heart and features hinged portals to allow full access to the heart chambers...
Liver and Gallbladder Model
Lung Model
Magnified 45 times from a lima bean leaf, this plastic model vividly shows the transverse and longitudinal sections as well as the upper and lower epidermis. The mesophyll includes palisada...
Male Pelvis with Prostate
Mammal Cell Meiosis
Measuring Experiment Kit
Mineral Structure-Cleavage and Fracture Experiment Kit
Miniature Lamp - 2.5v, 0.3amps
Miniature Lamp - 3.8v, 0.3amps
Miniature Lamp - 4.8v, 0.5amps
Miniature Lamp - 6.2v, 0.5amps
Miniature Lamp Holder
Modeled after a sunflower, this one year dicot stem gives anatomy in cross, radial and tangential sections. Shows epidermis, cork layer, phloem region, cambium, xylem region, pith and vital structures.
Mounted on a base, this enlarged model is easy to use. Vivid colors are shown for easy identification of the different plant structures. p>
Nitrate in Fresh Water Test Kit
Nitrate Test Solution & Indicator Powder Refill
Normal Kidney Model
Normal Mitosis Kit
Ob-Scertainer A Better Black Box Kit
Osmosis and Diffusion Kit
Pancreas w/Gallbladder & Spleen
Perfect Pellets/Replicas
Phosphate in Fresh Water Test Kit
Phosphate Test Solution 1 & 2 Refill
Photosynthesis, Plant and Food Kit
Plant Cell Model
Plant Cell Study Kit
Prokaryotic Cell Model
Provides a primary presentation of the basic rock types. Includes five each of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, totaling 15 specimens. Each specimen is approximately 1½" x 1½". Grades 6-12.
Qualitative Introduction to Water Pollution Kit
Recreate, in your own classroom, the geological forces that have shaped the planet Earth. Over 20 activities are included in this kit that will enable your students to develop a...
Refill Kit
Relief Model of the Urinary System
Sagittal Head Model
Scientific Method Problem Soving Kit
Sensory/Motor Half Brain Model
Silica Test Solution 1, 2, 3 & 4 Refill
Single Pole, Double Throw
Single Pole, Single Throw
Skin Acne Model
Skin Burn Model
Skin Cancer Model
Solar Kit
Spermatogenesis Model
Stomach Model
Stomach with Ulcers Model
Student Electricity Assortment
Students will learn important geology concepts while investigating superb specimens, carefully selected to illustrate ideas about their formation. Each collection comes in a high quality box that contains twelve large...
Students will understand the importance of skin with this Model Activity Set. A cross-sectional enlargement of the human skin illustrates the skin layers, hair follicles, sweat glands, nerve endings, blood...
Study of the Structure and Function of Mitochondria
Sulfide Test Solution 1, 2 & 3 Refill
Teeth Model with Pathologies
The "Perfect Pellet" is a replica pellet manufactured using state of the art plastics technology. Each synthetic pellet contains a virtually complete replica of one of the common barn owl...
The composition of teeth is easily illustrated with this three-dimensional model. A side view of upper and lower teeth makes his a "three models in one" teaching tool. The model,...
The life sized models splits into various parts. The eight part model is sagittally sectioned; both halves can be separated into frontal with parietal lobes, temporal with occipital lobes, half...
The new Model HP-1 offers tests for pH and three key nutrient factors: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It allows the hydroponic hobbyist to maintain proper nutrient balance and to achieve...
The professional quartz timer is a must for all sport and technical applications. Features 1/100th sec stopwatch, split/lap time, normal time, hours, minutes and seconds and day, date, and month.
The Structural Molecular Model Set contains a number of different colored plastic spheres to represent various atoms. The atoms have holes at specific angles to accept plastic rods representing covalent...
This 17 part sexless life-size human torso is appropriate for use in any classroom. This classic torso shows the major body systems in detail and are numbered, which can be...
This basic introduction to the double helix model of DNA uses simple components developed exclusively by LAB-AIDS®. Those unique components include: ul> Double nitrogen pyrimidine bases are constructed proportionately larger...
This classic heart model features both external and internal components. The front wall of the heart can be removed to study the chambers and valves inside the human heart in...
This double helix DNA model is pre-assembled and makes a very impressive display and learning tool. Measures 25 x 8 inches, made of durable and colorful plastic and depicts a...
This economical seven-piece kit lets you demonstrate the conversion between different forms of energy. It includes four devices for generating electrical energy from mechanical motion (hand generator), chemical energy (batteries),...
This four-part plastic model is enlarged approximately four times. The detachable petrous portion of the temporal bone reveals the middle and inner ear chambers, for a closer view. Removable tympanic...
This full-sized heart can be removed from its base and split into two parts. A viewing of the chambers, valves and major vessels. Labeled diagram included. p>
This is an excellent alternative to the more expensive hand held generators. It is an ideal way to demonstrate the transformation of energy between the mechanical and electrical forms in...
This is an excellent set for middle school through high school chemistry learning inorganic and organic molecules, as well as crystal molecules like graphite and diamond. The springs easily allow...
This kit allows a student to construct a model of an 8-rung ladder segment of a DNA molecule and then build a molecular model of the basic components of the...
This larger-than-life, demonstration model is a great way to teach children proper brushing techniques. Displays an upper and lower half of an adult's dentition. A flexible joint between the jaws...
This left kidney is made of durable plastic and is approximately two times larger than life size. It is longitudinally sectioned to show the renal artery, renal vein, pyramids, pelvis,...
This model is enlarged approximately five times and shows the left, right, caudate and quadrate lobes of the human liver. This model also shows the gall bladder, extra hepatic gall...
This model of corn gives details of cellar anatomy of the generalized monocot in cross and longitudinal section. Shows important structures such as cuticular layer, epidermis, thick walled mechanical tissue,...
This model shows the structure of human skin in three dimension and is 70x enlarged. Individual layers of skin are clearly differentiated and anatomical structures such as hair follicles, sweat...
This molecular model set is ideal for the use of studying simple organic and inorganic molecules. Set includes 174 plastic spheres and 225 durable metal connecting rods in various sizes.
This plastic model is enlarged 50 times from a human scalp section. This relief model displays contrasting colors of the three skin layers - epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous, with nerves,...
This Semi-Space Filling Molecular Model Set contains a variety of colored plastic spheres to represent various atoms. Set includes 58 spheres representing non-metals-23mm in diameter, 3 spheres representing metals-17mm in...
This six-part plastic model is enlarged approximately four times, displays muscles, blood vessels, optical nerve and other major features of the human eye. Eyeball is dissectible horizontally to reveal retina,...
This six-part plastic model torso displays the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous and urinary systems, as well as musculature. Easy removal of the lungs, heart, liver, stomach and intestines for further...
This three-piece anatomical model clearly illustrates details for the eye with three removable pieces: the body of the eye, the lens and a multi-colored transparent cover which depicts the venation,...
This timely Lab-Aid introduces biotechnology, forensic science, or AP Biology students to the concepts of DNA replication and how it relates to PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and RFLP (Restriction Fragment...
This unique hand generator is an easy yet effective way to teach how AC and DC electricty is produced. Banana plugs can be inserted into the different connectors to change...
Twice the size of a human adult heart this model shows great detail and features hinged portals to allow full access to the heart chambers and valves. Attached portions of...
Understanding development of the egg from fertilization to a 35 day old embryo is graphically aided by 3-D illustrations of the ovum, ovulation, fertilization, initial cell division, and implantation. Set...
Universal Indicator Refill
Uterus-Ovary Model