Parco Scientific Company Datasheets for Density and Specific Gravity Instruments

Density and specific gravity instruments are meters used to determine density and specific gravity.
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Product Name Notes
Features: ul style="border-width: 0px; margin: 18px 0px 18px 2em; padding: 0px; font-size: 12px; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: inherit; list-style-type: square; outline-width: 0px;"> Time display and alarm clock 12/24 hour system clock...
A standard hygrometer using the wet bulb and dry bulb method to determine air humidity. Two red liquid-filled thermometers are secured to the plastic scale plates. Water is supplied to...
Density Blocks with Hooks
Density Cube Set in Wooden Box
Economy Density Cube Set
Heavy Liquid Hydrometer
Light Liquid Hydrometer
This desktop hygrometer has a large two-tier LCD display, measuring 54mm x 68mm. Displays date and time and has an alarm function. strong>Features: ul> Temperature Range: -50°C to 70°C (-58°F...
This hygrometer makes it easy to read the relative humidity in the atmosphere. 0% to 100% humidity can be easily read on the face of the hygrometer. p>
This instrument can be wall mounted inside or outside for easy readings when determining air humidity. It reads humidity from 10% to 90%, as well as temperature from -20ºC to...