Parco Scientific Company Datasheets for Microscope Lenses and Objectives

Microscope lenses and microscope objectives include eyepieces or oculars, optical filters, objectives, adapters or mounts, condensers and other optical components for microscopy.
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Product Name Notes
100x Objective
100x Short Objective
10x Objective
10x Short Objective
10x WF w/Calibrated Pointer
10x WF w/Pointer
10x WF
10x-20x WF Zoom Eyepiece w/Adapter
15x WF w/Pointer
16x WF w/Pointer
20x Objective
25x Objective
40x Objective
40x Short Objective
4x Objective
4x Short Objective
5x WF w/Pointer
60x Objective
These stereo eyepieces have widefield (WF) lenses and are available in 10x, 15x and 20x magnifications. All eyepieces are sold in pairs. Simply find your microscope model/series in the chart...