Suttner America Company Datasheets for Industrial Valves

Valves are mechanical devices that control the flow and pressure of liquids, gases, and slurries within a system. They are also known as regulators and are used in a wide variety of applications. Valves vary greatly in size, design, function, and operation.
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Product Name Notes
Adjustable pressure. Forged brass housing, stainless steel ball and valve seat. Special seals for maximum heat and chemical resistance.. Valve member rides on elastomeric cushion, eliminating metal to metal contact,...
Allows for easy start due to lack of compression of head pressure. Reduces amp draw on motor start-up.
Allows for precision chemical mixture ratio. Connects to the chemical inlet hose barb of the ST-60/62/64/261 without special tools.
Built-in pressure regulator, adjustable from 850 PSI to 5070 PSI. 1/2" bypass connection.
Couplers are used anywhere high pressure connections are frequently connected and disconnected. Ideal for quick exchange of quick nozzles and spray guns. Series ST straight-through couplings are designed for use...
Protects pressure washer against extreme pressure build-up. Pop off protection.
Protects pump from overheating while protecting packings and valves from excessive heat.
Used for adjusting the maximum working pressure and safe guarding the high pressure water pipes. Ideal for steam combination applications. Low pressure limit eliminates need for additional metering devices.
Used to regulate the maximum water level in a float tank. When the maximum water level drops the float valve opens.
With the ST-66, chemical flow can be metered and shut off remotely from the injector. With two inlets, it also allows switching from one solution to another.