Panel Components & Systems, Inc. Datasheets for Frequency-to-Voltage Converters

Frequency-to-voltage converters accept a signal and convert its frequency to a corresponding analog voltage level.
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Product Name Notes
Single Function Frequency Transducers -- M100-FA1
Single Function Frequency Transducers -- M100-FL1
Single Function Frequency Transducers -- M100-FX1
The M100 series of frequency transducers are designed to measure frequency in single and 3 phase systems. The A.C. Input is converted to a D.C. Output, that is directly proportional...
Single Function Extended Frequency Transducers -- M100-FE1 The M100-FE1 measure the frequency of the input signal and provides a DC output that is directly proportional to the input frequency. The FE1 can accept frequency or pulse inputs...