Aremco Products, Inc. Datasheets for Thread Lockers and Retainers

Thread lockers and retainers render threaded fasteners immovable. They are used mainly with devices that are subject to transverse and axial loads that may lead to vibrational loosening.
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Product Name Notes
Aremco’s high temperature ceramic adhesives are unique inorganic formulations for bonding and sealing ceramics, metals, quartz, graphites, textiles, and composite materials used in design, process and maintenance applications to 3200...
Bonds and coats zirconia, high strength, zirconia, SOFC's
Bonds plated metals to ceramic, heaters, ignitors, gasketing
Ceramabond 503-VFG-C
Ceramic fiber-reinforced, refractory repair
Ceramic fiber-reinforced
Dielectric, high strength, heaters, sensors
Dielectric, moisture resistant, thermocouples
Good adhesion to metals, low cte metals
Good fired strength, boron nitride
Halogen lamps, max temp is 1560 °F in an oxidizing atmosphere
High adhesive strength, structures, molds
High adhesive strength, textiles, threadlocking
High fired strength, dense ceramics
High strength, good filler, halogen lamps
High thermal conductivity, probes, sensors
Induction coils
Low cte, good strength, tubes, vessels, sensors
Sets @ RT, good filler, oxygen sensors
Sets @ RT, good filler, probes, sensors
Tundish nozzles, 835MB model is good for ceramics to quartz bonding