Aremco Products, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Tapes

Industrial tapes are used for adhesive bonding, thread sealing, masking, packaging, wrapping, electrical insulation, ESD control and other specialized applications.
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Product Name Notes
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-CR
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-DS
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-ER
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-HR
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-PM
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-TB1-1
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-TB1-2
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-TB1-4
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-TB2-1
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-TB2-2
Pyro-Tape™ -- 682-TB2-4
Pyro-Tape™ 682 is a family of high temperature, high performance tapes used in a wide range of industrial applications for plasma spray masking, heat reflectivity and abrasion, chemical, and electrical...