Belmont Metals, Inc. Datasheets for Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys

Copper, brass, and bronze alloys are non-ferrous metals with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity as well as good corrosion resistance, ductility and strength.
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Product Name Notes
Belmont 2% Boron Copper -- 4987A
Belmont 2% Boron Copper -- 4987C
Belmont 2% Boron Copper -- 4987D
Belmont Special 2% Boron Copper -- 49817F
Boron Copper Featuring 2% Boron Copper for use as a deoxidizer and degasifier for copper and nickel-base alloys in a variety of forms Boron Copper has gained recognition in recent...
70/30 Brass -- 47018A
80/20 Brass -- 48012A
Brass 85/5/5/5 -- 4852A
Navy G Bronze -- 4884A
Silicon Brass -- 4811A
Silicon Brass -- 4811S
Silicon Bronze Everdur -- 4951A
Silicon Bronze Everdur -- 4951C
Silicon Bronze Everdur -- 4951D
Silicon Bronze Everdur -- 4951E
Silicon Bronze Everdur -- 4951G
Silicon Bronze Everdur -- 4951N
Special H Silicon Bronze -- 4939A
Special H Silicon Bronze -- 4939F
Special H Silicon Bronze -- 4939H
Special H Silicon Bronze -- 4939J
Brass and Bronze Featuring Silicon Bronze Everdur, Silicon Brass, Special H Silicon Brass, Art Casters Brass, White Bronze, and many other different Brass alloys meeting CDA specifications Brass is an...
70/30 Copper Nickel -- 47025
90/10 Copper Nickel -- 49019
Aluminum Bronze -- 4872
Beryllium Copper -- 4971
Beryllium Copper -- 4977
Brass -- 4852
Chrome Copper -- 4989
Manganeze Bronze -- 4643
Navy G Bronze Alloy -- 4884
Navy G Bronze Alloy -- 4888
Silicon Brass -- 4811
Silicon Bronze -- 4939
Silicon Bronze Everdur -- 4951
Copper Alloys Featuring a wide variety of Copper-Based Alloys meeting CDA specifications, Brass and Bronzes for Jewelry and Sculpture, Copper-Based Master Alloys, and Custom Alloys Copper was one of the...
1.3% Chrome Copper -- 4989A
10% Chrome Copper -- 4906A
10% Cobalt Copper -- 4907A
2% Boron Copper -- 4987D
2% Lithium Copper -- 4981A
2% Lithium Copper -- 4981J
20% Magnesium Copper Alloy -- 4800A
30% Ferro Copper -- 47011A
30% Silicon Copper -- 4710A
67/33 Copper Zirconium -- 46710D
Virgin Grade 10% Silicon Copper -- 49015A
Virgin Grade 50/50 Copper Nickel -- 45027F
Copper Master Alloys with: Beryllium, Boron, Cadmium, Chromium, Iron, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Nickel, Phosphorous, Silicon, Tellurium, Titanium, Zinc, Zirconium Belmont Copper Master Alloys are alloying elements manufactured from high purity...
Everdur Silicon Bronze -- 4951A
Everdur Silicon Bronze -- 4951C
Everdur Silicon Bronze -- 4951E
Everdur Silicon Bronze -- 4951G
Everdur Silicon Bronze -- 4951N
Everdur Silicon Bronze -- 4951P
Everdur Silicon Bronze Featuring Everdur Silicon Bronze in a variety of forms for use in both Industrial and Creative applications With its pleasant color (and ability to accept a range...
10% Cobalt Copper Alloy -- 4907A
99.9% Electrolytic Copper -- 4001L
Art Casters Brass -- 46316D
Everdur Silicon Bronze -- 4951G
Jewelers Manganese Bronze -- 4582D
Special 2% Boron Copper (Jewelers Grade) -- 49817F
Special H Silicon Bronze -- 4939J
Virgin Grade 50/50 Copper Nickel Alloy -- 45027F
Virgin Grade Silicon Copper Alloy -- 49015A
White Bronze -- 4587D
Jewelry Alloys Featuring Art Caster’s Brass, Beryllium Copper, Brittania, Electrolytic Copper, Everdur, Jeweler’s Manganese Bronze, Nickel-Silver, Pewters, Superdie Zinc Alloys, and White Bronze Brass, Bronze, and White Metal alloys have...
2% Lithium Copper -- 4981A
2% Lithium Copper -- 4981J
Lithium Copper Featuring 2% Lithium Copper for use as a deoxidizer and degasifier for copper and nickel-base alloys in a variety of forms Belmont 2% Lithium Copper has gained recognition...
#250 Flake Copper -- 4306A
#325 Granular Copper -- 4307A
High Grade Black #200 -- 4303C
High Grade Red Grade RR -- 4301A
Powdered Metals Featuring Holtite Alsil Grit, Iron Powder, High Grade Zinc, Tin, and Copper-Aluminum Applications Belmont Metals offers a vast amount of non-ferrous metals in Powder form as a pure...
Sculpture Alloys -- Art Casters Brass
Sculpture Alloys -- Beryllium Copper
Sculpture Alloys -- Jewelers Manganese Bronze
Sculpture Alloys -- Special "H" Silicon Bronze Alloy
Sculpture Alloys -- White Bronze
Sculpture Alloys Featuring Everdur Silicon Bronze, Art Caster’s Brass, Special H Silicon Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Jewelers’ Manganese Bronze, and White Bronze. Belmont offers extensive experience in the production of standard...