Belmont Metals, Inc. Datasheets for Solder

Solders include low melting point metal alloys usually in wire, powder, preform or paste forms. Solders are metal alloys with low melting points that are used to join metals together.
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Product Name Notes
#60 Aluminum Solder (Tin/Zinc) -- 7601DS1C
136 Degree F Low Melting Alloy -- 2491DS1C
158-165 Degree F Low Melting Alloy -- 2502DS1C
50/50 Tin Lead Solder Alloy -- 75012C
60/40 Tin Lead Alloy -- 76015B
60/40 Tin Lead Alloy -- 76015C
60/40 Tin Lead Alloy -- 76015D
60/40 Tin Lead Solder -- 76001DSC
70/30 Tin Zinc Solder -- 7702B
Lead Silver Solder Alloy -- 5951DS1C
Solders Featuring Body solders, Lead-base, Lead-free solders, Low melting solders, Miter-Al-braze (MAB), Tin-Antimony solders, Tin-base, Tin-Cadmium solders, Tin-Lead solders, Tin-Zinc solders Soldering is a process in which two or more...