Belmont Metals, Inc. Datasheets for Light Alloys and Metals

Light alloys and light metals have low density and high strength-to-weight ratios. Light weight metals include aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and beryllium alloys.
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Product Name Notes
Sculpture Alloys -- Beryllium Copper Sculpture Alloys Featuring Everdur Silicon Bronze, Art Caster’s Brass, Special H Silicon Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Jewelers’ Manganese Bronze, and White Bronze. Belmont offers extensive experience in the production of standard...
281 Degree F Low Melting Alloy -- 2581A
4% Antimonial Lead -- 5956A
95/5 Zinc Aluminum Solder Alloy -- 8951B
99.9% Aluminum -- 1008A
ACS Tin Granular -- 7008M30
Britannia Alloy -- 7921A
Genuine Babbitt Alloy -- 7881A
Primary 356 Aluminum Alloy -- 10A356.2
Special High Grade Zinc -- 8000AZ
Zamak 2 / Superdie I Alloy -- 8934A
White Metals Featuring Aluminum, Lead, Pewter, Solders, Jewelry, Sculpture, Tin, Zinc Alloys in a variety of forms for many applications White metals are any of several light-colored alloys used as...